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  1. grzewnicki

    Canada - Danish border war

    Good trivia question if your sitting in a bar and don't have enough money for a another beer, what 2 countries does Canada border? Of course today, a lot of people would have a problem coming up with the name of 1 country Canada borders.
  2. grzewnicki

    OER vs. Camaro Central

    I have dealt with NPD a lot, although it was 12 years ago, but very happy with there shipping, and customer service at that time.
  3. grzewnicki

    Body mounts

    Avoid the poly and go with aluminum like SPG said. IF you can support, either Custom works or PTFB (Pro Touring F Body), both guys have contributed a lot to NastyZ28 and are small business'. I went with PTFB in my car easy install and quality products, used his subframe connectors also. If you...
  4. grzewnicki

    Rustoleum Floor Coating

    In regards to where to put all your garage stuff, how about renting a U-Haul truck for the weekend? When I was scraping popcorn off and repairing drywall in my garage I had stuff spread out from Den/Dining room, rear porch after finding out a storage container was close to $700 for a month. I...
  5. grzewnicki

    Delrin Trunk lid hinge pin (torsion bar delete)

    Won't go into the reasons I had to replace my deck lid hinge pins but will post what I did to replace them. Hinge pins are about impossible to find unless someone is parting out a car or maybe you have a lathe and can make new steel ones. I did not need the hollow pin anymore since I was...
  6. grzewnicki

    richmond /doug Nash 5 speed road race

    I found out 42 years ago bearings are the easiest part to get without knowing the part number. I needed a bearing for my Kawasaki dual sport bike (my only transportation at the time) and it was not in stock at dealer, somehow I ended up at a place that sold bearings and they just took dimensions...
  7. grzewnicki

    Bad jokes..... NWS

    Got caught masturbating to National Geographic yesterday, don't know who was more embarrassed, me or my dentist.
  8. grzewnicki

    BurnttoastBurgos 1979 Z build post.

    Beautiful color combo, love the wheels, had similar on my 73Z back in 1980. Every time I see the later dash it blows my mind that they thought "hey lets square this thing off, it will fit perfectly in a car with nice rounded shape". What the heck were they thinking? Is easier to make an...
  9. grzewnicki

    Tune Up Direction

    Basic rule; dwell, timing, carb. dwell affects timing and timing affects carb. Taught that in 1979, gotta figure it still stands today, of course you got HEI so dwell is set for you. Can buy an aftermarket timing tab to bolt on, and some MSD balancer tape to get the timing set.
  10. grzewnicki

    Adding console to a 73, factory 4 speed car, what to do?

    I don't see why not. I would suggest two pieces, tunnel piece, I would probably bend a piece of hvy gauge sheet metal say 1.5" wide to a almost 90 degree, (it tilts back towards rear of car) then you would have to cut some reliefs to bend it to shape of tunnel. All you would really need is 2...
  11. grzewnicki

    5 speed conversion

    Damn those new cars with all their funky electrical stuff!
  12. grzewnicki

    5 speed conversion

    There are if I recall correctly connections for both the auto and the clutch safety switch on the wiring harness (1 harness made for auto and manual trans each one having wires to connect to either column mounted neutral safety switch or the clutch pedal switch. So, look around and see if you...
  13. grzewnicki

    6th Gen Dash In A Second Gen

    Yup, oh well, still nice work getting it in there. Pretty amazing, looks like it just bolted in, not my cup of tea though I can appreciate the work put inot it. Was a really nice car.
  14. grzewnicki

    Investing, Fisher Investments.

    Lots of good info, thanks guys.
  15. grzewnicki

    Rear Shock Noise??

    When you put the new suspension on, did you torque the leaf spring bolts down with the car in the air or on the ground? Needs to be done with weight on the car. Might want to go over things and check for proper torque and/or anything binding (rear sway bar bushings/mounts). You could use a...
  16. grzewnicki

    Stock replacement subframe?

    Heidts and Art Morrison are the two manufacturers I know of that make subframes. I don't believe stock suspension or steering components bolt on. No one spending $7K for a subframe is going to want to bolt stock stuff on. They are usually coil over set ups with rack and pinion steering. But as...
  17. grzewnicki

    72 Z wont start

    Yea, check your fusible links at the horn relay, the black and the orange wires there both have fusible links. Hopefully you didn't blow a fusible link at the starter. The horn relay stud is sort of main junction point connecting the charging system wiring to the fuse block.
  18. grzewnicki

    Investing, Fisher Investments.

    Watching my $900K plus investments drop to a bit under 8 now and decided to look at some fiduciaries (flat rate fee, unlike a non fiduciary charging commissions, a fiduciary has your best interest at heart, they don't make money on the buying side). Went to a local guy, 5 people in the office...
  19. grzewnicki

    Got the Covid

    According to Mayo (who is doing research) a very large percentage of people have gotten Covid, they are looking for volunteers of people who have never got it (my wife and I have not gotten it yet). They want to see if there is anything unique to that group. We have both been vaccinated, both...
  20. grzewnicki

    6th Gen Dash In A Second Gen

    At the Turkey Rod run in Daytona I saw an early 70's Camaro with dash, door panels (i believe) and center console out of a 5th or 6th gen. I must have deleted the pics, but it was amazingly done, just looked like it belonged. I have a 5th or 6th gen console sitting in the back room that I may...

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