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  1. Marv D

    GUESS who Turned 50 Year OLD Today.....

    Hahahahha it's even LESS closer to the road than it was 5 years ago. he is making progress on sheet metal sides to his sand buggy to keep sand from flying up hos shorts and sandblasting hes.... well lets just say he had quite a LOAD when he climbs out of that thing. Now that he has a buggy that...
  2. Marv D

    GUESS who Turned 50 Year OLD Today.....

    Yup, Bobert is one seriously good guy even if he does have a lot of years before he becomes one of us 'wise old guys' LOL
  3. Marv D

    GUESS who Turned 50 Year OLD Today.....

    Yup, that kalifornikator who always called ME old man broke the 1/2 century mark today.. Please be sure and wish his old @$$ a happy B-day
  4. Marv D

    SBC 350 vs 400

    Make sure you have you machinist check the balance on that "balanced rotating assembly". The old horror stories of the Eagle journal size appears to be resolved, but he will obviously check it to be sure. Slummit could be shipping a crank that has been in the back of the stock for years...
  5. Marv D

    Edelbrock carb question about Air cleaner lid clearance.

    With a Edelbroke carb I prefer to measure from the edge of the trashcan down to the carb, but in this case your 1-1/2" should be fine. Might check from the top of the choke horn to make sure you have 1" there,, but generally 1" clearance is considered 'MINIMUM'
  6. Marv D

    SBC 350 vs 400

    DITTO: Stock motor stock cam and just throw a set of near stock replacement aftermarket heads on and Pushrod length won't change enough for the 'stock' enthusiast to see. Edelbrock has a thicker deck longer valves, raises the exhaust port and the basically the entire head .1",, and USED TO...
  7. Marv D

    question about carb size

    Here try this... No one has bothered to ask what Cu In motor, what RPM your turning it o, if VE is along the lines of a stock motor or a well scienced out race motor. With no information you can make guesses all day long, and never be wrong.
  8. Marv D

    383 small block?

    ummmmm not entirely correct.. You can internal balance just about any SBC combination. put the crank in a lathe, turn down the counterweights,,, and add a buttload of mallory
  9. Marv D

    Rear firewall with fuel cell?

    The goal is to give you a chance of survival until the safety crew gets there. I've seen lots of bulkheads with small holes for wires and chute cables etc. in the 0.032" aluminum bulkhead. It's not like the cabin is a 'safe-room' made of 'fire-board' that is going to keep you sealed in some O2...
  10. Marv D

    Things Go Pop - Transmison Change - Gear Change or No?

    I agree. You might want to address a stall more appropriate to a glide and 3000+ pound car, but crossing at ~ 7000 if your not running out of motor,, sounds like it should be easy on parts.
  11. Marv D

    Lets Talk Electric Fuel Pumps

    Before you start to pick out pieces or design your fuel system,, please read this page. Some of the best thoughts on fuel system design I've found. (especially for you N2o junkies) Sam Solace's fuelish Tendancies page
  12. Marv D

    What header gaskets are good for sbc

    Ditto. When you have a quality header with nice thick FLAT flanges,, gaskets are a thing of the past. For the (how to phrase this nicely,,,) more economical headers.. It doesn't matter much what gasket you use, you will be replacing gaskets frequently anyways. Thin, Warped, twisted uneven...
  13. Marv D

    valve lift for the street

    To be sure,, your talking a solid street roller cam Next question is, just how much street driving is 'STREET' to 'YOU'. Street can mean very different things to different people. The diameter of the spring pocket (or available room for spring pockets) will dictate how large of a spring you...
  14. Marv D

    valve lift for the street

    At about .6 lift spring maintenance become issue. Are you talking mechanical roller? Otherwise I wouldn't even think about a flat tappet with the spring pressures it takes to keep the valve train in check with lifts above .575 anyways.
  15. Marv D

    first trip to the track

    Gotta agree. 2850 pounds, 800 HP, 14" slick, tube chassis, low 9 second dedicated small block drag car ans I have 'tickled' the 1.2's but typically in the 1.34 range running 145MPH in the 1/4. If you get under 2.0 on street radials with stock suspension your doing pretty darn good. This guy...
  16. Marv D

    Out with the old....In with the New...

    Hey,,, I bet they will still let you come and play here ;) They even let me back in the door once in a while and I haven't had a 2nd gen Camaro of my own since before this board started,, errr umm well really since before the internet!
  17. Marv D

    Hoosier Quick Time Pro Questions

    Thats the tire I run on my 66 small block truck. It's basically a 33x17 -15 slick and DEAD HOOKS with 9.75psi to 1.44 sixtys / 10.4's @ 120's in my junk. In fact I have a new unmounted pair I'm going to sell (with the truck, going back to street only as that happens) My 66 is backhalved so...
  18. Marv D

    Taller slicks and RPM drop

    Oh,, and because I'm a lazy old fart... I run tubes,, tubes in the slicks, tubes n the front runners... I simply HATE futzing with tire pressure 2 and 3,, or 5 times between rounds. Before tech check PSI ,, After the first round I set PSI as quick as I get back to the pit. Then I only check them...
  19. Marv D

    Taller slicks and RPM drop

    YUP,, I KNEW RPM was going to be an issue eventually. LOL I totally agree Wade,, keeping RPM down is the wiser move, but how...? Taller tire yeah,, but I'm not so sure I'd go to a narrower tire to accomplish it. Your doing a good 60 now,, Just keep in mind "What happens in the first 100 feet...
  20. Marv D

    Finally order the Rick's/Vaporworx Tank

    Ricks Tanks are a first class piece for sure. Heavy gauge stainless and a surprising GREAT fit in the one I put in a El Camino project.

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