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    New best

    Clean everything up good. Make sure cover is in good shape and Throw the stupid o-ring in garbage. Use Red Lock tite on the cover surface where it is pressed into the case, Let it set up overnight before adding fluid. wont fly off again. Be sure to check the governer and gear while u have it apart.
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    You Are Not Going To Believe This

    Bob, let me know if you want me to Cruise by Marv's house and leave a bag of flaming dog poo on his doorstep. I will for ya.. LOL Love ya marvy.. haha:p
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    You Are Not Going To Believe This

    x2 I know how Jake Feels. Constantly get calls for advice and Then find out they called and spent their money elsewhere.. This happens in all forms of life, Not just our daily jobs but also with Personal advice. Its the Human way, Nature sort of....
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    Hook and spin

    Also, With a Radial and ANY kind of power you need a lower SLR (starting line ratio). Radials DO NOT like to be Shocked. Id recommend if you have a th400 to install a 2nd gear start Transbrake valve body. OR if you have a manual Valve body just start out in 2nd gear. It will feel kinda like a...
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    Hook and spin

    You need 5 inches of dropout on the back, leave 1.5 for compression. If the Car Hooks and spins while the front is in the air Chances are its doing one of two things, Either you need to tighten up the extension on the rear shocks ( you do have double adjustables right? ) and or tighten up the...
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    nitrous/carb single fuel pump

    I would run dedicated fuel system.. neither of those pumps are up to the task...
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    ET/MPH estimate

    12.30's if you can get it to hook. Drag radials dont work well with stick. New Pro's are a touch better with a stick but still not the preferred tire for a stick.
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    The phoenix has risen

    Mine did the same thing on Saturday and Sunday. Went from a roller to a complete running car with a auto swap in the mix also. Drove it yesterday half to get used to a high stall again lol
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    Anyone Running This Manifold??

    There is much better cams out there then those two. The 282 is a older grind... Call straub technologies or bullet and give them your engine specs. They can provide you a cam that will be much better suited.
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    hurst v gate ram rod 4 speed shifter

    Any interest?? Works great previous owner had linkage built to make it work on a saginaw but it will still work on a muncie with new linkage. This is a vertical gate forward and back style shifter with a extra lever for reverse. I have the boot for it also although it is a ram rod 2 boot so it...
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    how often do u change ur oil and.....

    I do have a billet Canton filter adapter so no bypass. I'm gonna just run it, after talking with builder I'm just being paranoid.
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    how often do u change ur oil and.....

    What is acceptable in the filter when you cut it open? My 436 sbc has 3 oil changes and 2000 miles on it now and I'm still getting little stuff in filter. It's not magnetic and its not much maybe a little piece of alluminum dibris here and there. Motor previously ate a alluminum Timing cover...
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    SBC 427 HP question

    Weind air strike intake port matched to heads with a 1 inch open spacer. This combo on ky 383 went 12.01 verses 12.28 with a victor Jr intake. All the tests I've seen has proven that this is a good compromise vs a single plane intake.
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    SBC 427 HP question

    Depends on what your plans are for The car and hood issues. If its gonna be a hotbstreet/strip car a holley 300-25 strip dominator intake and 850-950 Carb would be a good choice...really depends on the full cam he has spec'd for you tho too. A dual plane intake would be fine on that motor for...
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    SBC 427 HP question

    I dont thing your gonna see 600 in that combo, 525-550 is more realistic. You can not effectivly "over head" a big inch small block of this nature. The dual plane intake and 220 runners are gonna hold it back a little but it will be a stump pulled for sure. My 436 sbc has dart 230cc platinum...
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    What do ya do in this situation ???

    Been about half that high and fell flat on back. Wasn't a fun adventure, they said i'd never walk again. Third day after surgery moved my foot on my own and doc changed his mind and said ill walk again. 6th day I walked. 14th day I went home. Did some pretty dumb whit on dirtbikes but learned...
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    SBC 427 Crank/Rod Question

    That's a lot of material to take off any rod to make a std base came work with 4 inch stroke. My lentz rods are clearances a bunch even with a .900 base....
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    Horsepower question

    Your gonna need the proper safety equipment ie a cage or bar anyways. So why not plan on doing at least a bar in it so its legal and helps stiffen things up.
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    Having problems with Holley 650 DP

    Sounds like accelerator pump cam is wrong or not adjusted correctly. Make sure you have zero to .010 clearance. I run them right down to zero but some like to open it up just a tad.
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    SBC 427 Crank/Rod Question

    BTW, if I didn't already have pistons I woulda went with a 421 instead. 4 inch stroke creates a lot of issues with oil pan selection and cam choices. The torque you will loose with the 421 over 434 isn't gonna be noticable on the street anyways.

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