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    Whats this wire for?

    yup tach lead
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    How do I fix this?

    well i dont know how to fix it, but i gotta say i thought ive done some pooty work on old beaters but that has still got me beat
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    Can't get the door to open

    i had to give my 78 a "stomp" to get it open, works awesom now, even better than the driver side
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    Where do all these starter wires go?!

    wow this is old, the pic apears to be a push on spade connector, your best bit would be to solder and shrink tube the terminal on to the purple wire
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    Parting rust free 1980 Berlinetta shell

    thoes tires are still have way too much tread on them ;)
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    burls creek

    well thare was alot of just absoloutly junk a poo load of clothing and just generally not alot of automotive parts, and what was thare was priced atleast 75% over retail price. alough to be kind thare was a few good deals around but you had to be really carefull about your purchases
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    Any nice looking hose clamp ideas...

    thare are also heat shrink hose clamps aviable aswell
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    350 question

    Ok thanks for the info
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    350 question

    early 90's chevy truck block, i know that some of the 90's blocks are fitted for roller cam setups. so is thare a way to tell without pulling the intake if the block is good for the roller setup. thanks Steve
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    1970 RS - A British Resto

    here in centeral ontario looking at roughly $5 per gallon cdn$ so its like $5.10 USD, just for comparason purposes
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    burls creek

    ill probably run the king of the hill at barrie speedway right next door to the swap.
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    burls creek

    hey burls creek swap meet is on this weekend, whos going?
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    Looking for a computer prom

    turbo 400 is all mechanical so the ecm wont have anything to do with it, your best bet would be to find one for a truck with a manual transmission.
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    98 truck engine. (vortech??)

    i wouldent count on the roller setup to work on the 92, some of them were set up to run the roller cam but not all of them
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    WTB Vortec (center bolt) valve cover bolts

    ya what bondo said lol
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    torker II

    umm dumb question, whare dose the front drivers corner of the carb bolt to???
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    WTB Vortec (center bolt) valve cover bolts

    theyre just 1/4"x 20 bolts, i dont remember the leingth of them but i just went to the local hardware store and picked some up, toss some 1/4 copper washers on em and you'll be good to go
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    WTB Nylon bushings for my HEI dizzy

    i dont know if they have napa in denmark....
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    well that was an extreamly fast reply thanks for the info. did you have to go to any specialty tool supliers for the tools?
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    well pritty basic question, what if any special tools are required to tear down and re-build a 700r4 from a 88, 89 ish chev pickup. and are they difficult to do. think thats about it thanks Steve

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