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  1. Fbird

    1981 Bird resurrection!!

    She runs....just the damn BMW fan switch (new) isn't working correctly. There is no low temp turn on. :mad: New sitch in the way. Then hooked up the MSD stuff (requires swapping dizzy to gutted one) ...NO FIRE!!! ARGH. Went trhu dizzy alignment 3 times. NO FIRE ..AND starter (new) is starting to...
  2. Fbird


    gonna send ya....back for
  3. Fbird

    COVID Quarantine Humor

    "Telegram"......."pizza delivery"......Back when SNL was funny! "Cheeseburger Cheeseburger Cheeseburger"
  4. Fbird

    Bad jokes..... NWS

    ^^^^ it's a see who's paying attention!!
  5. Fbird

    S10-Blazer rear disc conversion

    pretty sure I will have a FIX for the cable issue SOON. I will be using 2nd gen DRUM brake cables and a couple "adapters" to make it happen. 1 is weld on, 1 pc is bolt on and 1 pc is slip
  6. Fbird

    Car stereos, whos stuff is decent these days?

    I want BIG OEM so i can actually see them AND touch them with my work gloves on. I recall 1 unit I bought (SONY) the freaking buttons were so small you needed a stylist just to hit 1 do ya'll realize I am driving a NON computer vehicle, non self steering...
  7. Fbird

    Car stereos, whos stuff is decent these days?

    Pioneer. Not just because I like them but as a few folks in the business have said..."they are just a rock solid unit".
  8. Fbird

    So, what is the least expensive way to install a 200 r4 in an 81?

    OH..yes what a mess to the unsuspecting eye ;) the EARLY models crossmember location holes are in a much different place than the "late model 2nd gens" giving the INITIAL appearance of being the "same". The tell tale sign is the mounting holes! The 4 bolt holes are in-fact 2 round and 2 slotted...
  9. Fbird

    So, what is the least expensive way to install a 200 r4 in an 81?

    I had BOTH a th400 (modified 350 X-member) and a th350 (stock) cross member for MY 1981 TA. I first tried the th400 as it looked like the better choice. I soon discovered that with the rearward facing "shelf" you can't get to the pan bolts easily, so I used my STOCK th350 crossmember and moved...
  10. Fbird

    1981 Turbo TA wire question.

    ^^^^ yup thats why when I added the oil pressure switch I used it's "output" to power a relay (getting battery power) to a buss bar to power choke, fan relay, fuel pump relay and ALT turn on. I figured since mine had an ECU it was probably controlled from there ...somewhere, but thats been gone...
  11. Fbird

    1981 Bird resurrection!!

    ALMOST there....argh. Made mounts for the "champion DROP IN radiator" (pita) finished mods to MY serpentine system and install belt. Cut and install terminals to finish choke, water temp sender, oil pressure safety switch for fuel pump. Add circuit in chassis plug for "START" wire (trunk mounted...
  12. Fbird

    1981 Turbo TA wire question.

    It will be coming from my Ignition bussbar. As it is ignition activated anyway! Since I had to add a fuel pump cutoff switch anyway, I plan to use its activation wire to signal a relay bank for FUEL,fan,choke and ALT turn on.
  13. Fbird

    1981 Bird resurrection!!

    So finally got my Packard 56 terminals to "add a circuit " pass-thru in my chassis plug for the fuel-pump switch. As usual...fix 1 problem and get 2 more! My Volvo fan relay temp plug basically FELL apart when I unplugged it. So new plug set is $40 and I still need a mounting method, so...
  14. Fbird

    1979 Camaro Emergency Brake Question

    the EARLY models had the pass side "cliP" the later models do NOT. Yes that e-brake looks correct. Once you snug it up a do NOT believe it will be against the floorpan. No it will not rattle, yes you can try to heat sleeve it but really the only issue I had with mine was tying it UP so it...
  15. Fbird

    Name that car…

    Chitty Chitty Bang Bang?
  16. Fbird

    Got a good laugh this morning

    i can't complain about my F150 with 325k ....has a 5 second rattle on start-up....and then just prrrsss.
  17. Fbird

    Electric Camaro?

    ^^^^ 0-60 in 2.3 seconds.....and seconds as a home back-up battery!!... Don't worry about those rolling black outs....simply plug in your Crew Cab Camaro to ANY HOME OUTLET and put your house back to full power, UNLIKE the FORDS of today that require GASOLINE to charge your house!! (Fully...
  18. Fbird

    When did this Happen….

    well thats an easy FIX....recend the Helmet laws!!!🤣
  19. Fbird

    Spark plug wires for 400ci 50 ohms/ft vs 800?

    Jacobs (the first ignition company to offer such) wires were GREAT. MSD's are very good, in fact my MSD's are almost 20 yrs old and still NO cracking or issues. If you have headers on that poncho I would recommend the "any-bend" plug ends as a couple of mine needed about 45* to work out nice...
  20. Fbird

    Calculating Pulses Per Mile

    yes rubber fuel HOSE.

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