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    What is this? Need a quick answer.

    Have a 70 RS with front disc. I'm installing a line lock. And looking at the brakes I'm not sure what these 2 blocks are. The front line comes from the M/C into this cast block, which has a rubber button on the back, and from this block into the proportioning valve. The brass block has a line...
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    Rearend Suggestions

    I am planning on doing some upgrades in the near future and I'm looking for some suggestions. I am thinking of upgrading the differential from a stock unit. I currently am running a 3.42 with a stoke limited-slip out of a 76 Camaro. So any suggestions on something that is street/ strip...
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    Issue with Hurst M21 install

    I messed up my shifter a few weeks back. I took the shifter and linkage off the trans to fix the shifter. Now that I am re-installing the shifter Something isn't right. The 3-4 rod seems to be short. It is only threaded about half way into the adjustment button. It wasn't like this before...
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    Package tray fitment ???

    I have a chance to buy a package tray from a local guy. Two things. One he wants $50. Looking at prices at NPD, that seems a bit high. Second; Does a '76 fit a 70? Are all the tray the same no matter the year?
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    Canfield Swap Meet, Anybody Going?

    Just curious if any Nasty members are going to the Canfield, Oh swap meet May 2-4.
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    Tool Truck Info

    Lately I've been giving some thought to the possiblity of doing the tool truck franchise thing. So anybody out there have any useful knowledge to help me in making the decision? Things like; income?, hours worked? success rates? initial investment needed? franchise fees? company support? Any...
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    Veterans day school event

    I realize this is about a month old at this point but still wanted to share. Each year my wife puts together events at her school for veterans day. To teach the kids about veterans and to honor veterans. It is a fun educational day for all involved...
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    Are you in Northeast Ohio????

    I was at a show in Mentor a couple of weeks ago. This is a pretty good size show. There was maybe a dozen 2nd Camaros. And the guys that I talked to, nobody was on this site. So my question is, who here claims to be from Northeast Ohio?
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    I think Wife is having a Mid-life crisis

    My wife is a teacher with about 20 years in the district. A couple of weeks ago she put in for an open position, in the district, that she was very well qualified for. She didn't even get a 2nd interview. This upset her greatly, especially concidering the qualifications of most of the people...
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    Hood Storage

    I am looking for ideas on how to store my camaro hood on the ceiling of my garage.
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    Butler,pa Car Show

    Just seeing of there are any members in the area that may be going to the show this coming sunday????
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    Is It Just Me??

    Is it just me, but shouldn't you include contact info if you're trying to sell something?? I've been watching this ad for over a week. I've clicked the link to notify the selling, numerous times. And yet still no contact info. I've been looking for a trailer like this in this price range...
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    Second Gen's getting love A 1972 getting some love on the auction block.
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    Calvert racing suspension

    I have split mono-leaf springs, caltrac bars and edelbrock adjustable shocks for my S-10 project that I will be returning to Calvert racing. They told me that they would swap out my S-10 parts and send the parts for my 70 RS. I just need to pay shipping. So my question is... Anybody have...
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    Subframe Connector Question

    I am looking at buying subframe connectors. But I need to know if there is a difference between years. I am looking at bolt on. I just talked to a guy who has a hood that I am picking up tomorrow, but he also has some other things like the connectors. Supposedly they are new. Any feedback...
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    Rally Wheel Backspacing???

    I am looking for the backspacing measurements on the 15x7 and 15x8 rally wheels. I am currently running 15x7 with 235/60 and 275/60, with no rubbing problems. I am looking to buy a pair of 15x8's, but not sure of the backspacing that I need. And I don't have the time to do the measurements...
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    Side pipes???

    I'm toying with the idea of running sidepipes on my '70 RS. If I'm going to do it I want true side pipes not the fake 4 into 1 deal. So anybody know of a company making them these days? I looked at Hooker and only saw listings for corvettes.
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    Hood question

    This may be a simple question/ answer but I'll ask anyway. I'm looking at a glass hood for my 70 RS. Not sure of the manufacture, but the owner advertising it for an 81. It is an L88 style. In the catalogs I've hoods listed from 70-81. So is it a fairly save bet that it will fit my 70...
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    vapor Lock????

    Ok, I did read some of the other posts for vapor lock, but figured I'd see what had to be said about my situation. The problem... After driving for a bit the engine acts as if it is running out of gas. The first time this happened I had driven about 15 miles, mostly highway, I thought...
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    Yenko Question

    I know this is a 2nd gen site but the knowledge here is very broad. I saw a 1969 Camaro converitble on TV last night and it had Yenko markings. Did Yenko build convertibles? I've never seen one. I took a quick look on google last night but didn't find any really solid info. This is just me...

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