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  1. zachary8

    '79 Berlinetta - An Italian resto..

    Congratulations on your baby!! Sorry if I missed something but could you tell me how you fabricated those beautiful patch panels for the trunk. Any special tools? You did a magnificent job!
  2. zachary8

    Help Identifying A Front Splitter

    Kudos> Wow!
  3. zachary8

    Identify these rims please

    What do they say on the back?
  4. zachary8

    Completely annoying Speedometer issue

    The AZ person will ask you if the car has air conditioning.
  5. zachary8

    Muncie gear oil ?

    My car has a 383 stroker that's probably got about 400-425 horsepower. It's more motor than I ever had in any Camaro I've ever owned before. None of my other Muncies were ever rebuilt and I would beat on my cars relentlessly (They were my daily drivers) when I was a kid. Lost a couple of...
  6. zachary8

    Muncie gear oil ?

    My answer is I don't know. The trans was rebuilt by a reputable local trans shop about 10 years ago and then put on a shelf for 10 years until it was installed.
  7. zachary8

    Muncie gear oil ?

    I know this is an old thread but I just thought I would throw in my 2 cents. Since completing a 15-year nut and bolt restoration on my Z I've put about 1100 miles on it. Every drive train component on the car was rebuilt. Generally, the car drives very well but the shifts are "notchy". I...
  8. zachary8

    Newbie Chicago Burbs

    That's great. If you are ever in the area (I could practically walk to the Volo Museum) or want to go to a local car show let me know. I belong to a club that throws a show the second Wednesday of every month in Mundelein. Around 500 cars show up on a good night. All the proceeds are donated to...
  9. zachary8

    Newbie Chicago Burbs

    Volo - Northwest
  10. zachary8

    Newbie Chicago Burbs

    Welcome to the forum. I too live in the Chicago burbs.
  11. zachary8

    1970 RS - A British Resto

    Congratulations on the journey and the result. Both are epic!
  12. zachary8

    1970 Camaro RS Parts

    I've too, have dealt with Rich on several occasions. First, besides the fact that he has always been helpful with advice on how to solve problems with my car he has actually spent several hours working on my car for free. In my opinion and experience, he has truly represented what the spirit of...
  13. zachary8

    72/73 Camaro Deluxe Interior door handle plastic

    I wonder if he could make the plastic inserts (bezel) for the door latch pull thingie for the deluxe interior. I'll bet there is a demand for those - I know I need one.
  14. zachary8

    muncie speedo bullet and adapter 1970 Z28

    I have estimated that it's about 25% off. (slow)
  15. zachary8

    muncie speedo bullet and adapter 1970 Z28

    The speedo reading on my 70 Z is off. (Not the biggest problem in the world but it annoys me) I did a quick search on ebay and did not find any listings for an item like this. Could somebody please tell where they are available for sale. Thanks, Lou
  16. zachary8

    Bump stop spacers

    It's factory on Z28. There are available aftermarket "bumpers" that will fit.
  17. zachary8

    Heater box seal ID

    Under that one leg on your kitchen table.
  18. zachary8

    I don't just cut up cars....this T56 6 speed is getting the ax!

    If you use a Sawzall can I watch?

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