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  1. LayZ

    72 wiring

    OK so i'm thinking and asking first. I've seen the rewiring kits and the American auto wire one is like $800 Any reason why i couldn't just do it myself with regular wires? Nothing wrong with my wiring per say other than it's been hacked to pieces over the years and many different owners. Only...
  2. LayZ

    th350 vs 4l80e

    well i've got planned a 468, .620 lift roller cam from straub tech with afr 275 heads, goal is 620hp but won't know till i get all that together. so a trans handling 750 if i decide to grow a bit more in HP later but seriously no more then 650hp. The th350 would be a drop in and go.
  3. LayZ

    th350 vs 4l80e

    so i'm budgeting for a trans, checked out jakes and the stage 2 th350 is 2200 750hp rated which is fine for what what i need. The 4l80e thou muscle car kit runs 5600.. is the 4l80e that much better?!? i mean geesh 3400 for an extra gear? yes you get the parts to get it going but wow that's a...
  4. LayZ

    Post Your LS & 6L80E Swap PICS

    Probably not needed but i did find this IF you look under transmission crossmebers they do list the 6l80e transmission.
  5. LayZ

    WTF is in the water in California??

    what I want to know is, when he runs out of space to get tats what's next?
  6. LayZ

    Is nothing sacred?????

    True, or you could take the business side and buy up as much of the animal crackers you can in the boxes already out before they change and rake it some cash from people that feel the same way about them changing the box design.
  7. LayZ

    Don't understand some of this generation

    Well like anything, it all in how it's used. We have definitely gotten to the point where people know they don't have to really work to get what they want anymore. Just to ask thou, since were on the subject of hand outs, how does everyone feel about racing sponsors? or is that ok because they...
  8. LayZ

    "Urban legends" and ghost stories of your hometown

    There is a house that people still live in that the old lady was dying and they use to prop her up by the window to look out. She died and supposedly, if you go by the house on some nights you see a figure in the window.
  9. LayZ

    Retired parents never have time

    That's what my dad says all the time, but he had a medical problem and they made him retire early. He always says he's more busy now then when he was working. My mom on the other hand says, yea he gets up at the crack of dawn, goes in the kitchen, sits down in his usual spot, scratches his head...
  10. LayZ

    Where does the antifreeze go?

    Think I may have found the problem, the hard way. There is a plastic y piece on the heater hoses. It burst going to work, antifreeze everywhere. Guy at auto store said it was a pretty common problem for the caravans. 95.00 for the whole assembly or 8 bucks for just another plastic y pipe...
  11. LayZ

    Where does the antifreeze go?

    Not camaro related 2008 caravan, busted the radiator open a year or two ago, changed it and the fans with a new unit with relay. Now for some reason the antifreeze just disappears. The oil dipstick doesn't show antifreeze in there. I ran the car the other day and it over heated because it was...
  12. LayZ

    Anyone run those viking coilovers in the front?

    On the site they say 500lbs is best for a big block but i HATE the gasser look. I'm thinking that may be too much spring for a street driven car. I can adjust the height and ride on them but 500 just sounds way too stiff. I'll have aluminum heads on the engine as well, stock rate is something...
  13. LayZ

    Need perspective type question

    Well I'll make this offer $600 and all the beer you can drink if you think you can get the haunted 454 running and running right I'll warn you now many have tried all have failed. If it was that easy it would have been running by now.
  14. LayZ

    Need perspective type question

    OK well i do have to thank you all for your input it was helpful. I thought a lot about it last night and think I have a great plan. I have the cash, so I'm going to call those BBC guys in Linden and have them do the top end of the motor. I'm going to get this cam...
  15. LayZ

    Need perspective type question

    I thought I said it was a hydraulic cam. OK so how do I start? do I lose them up and tight them down? do I leave it as is? how do I know it's good? I have no feeler gauge and like I said no real idea what I'm doing.
  16. LayZ

    Need perspective type question

    Anything like a leak down test? I was going to try one of those before I did the valves but i forgot who talked me out of it. I had mentioned my problem and someone from work told me it was a waste of time.
  17. LayZ

    Need perspective type question

    Now in regards to that site, i saw something similar after I already did the damage so to speak. I will tell you that there is no way I did 1/4 turns for anything. I'm positive on a few it was full on ratchet it down. Now since it's hydraulic how am i going to get it warned up if it's not going...
  18. LayZ

    100 horsepower for $830 with a warranty preserving tune

    I don't know much about ford turbo charging but i do know dodge. In my srt-4 you got a $30 boost controller you plumbed in to your turbo charger with vacuum hoses. You then got a new waste gate actuator to hold the boost level instead of it dropping off. Problem with the srt was it wold boost to...
  19. LayZ

    2010 Mits Lancer help...

    Maybe vacuum hose? the whole humming through a paper towel tube thing has me cracking up. I want to know if you actually tried that before you posted it to make sure that was the sound lol.
  20. LayZ

    Need perspective type question

    Yes I'm 99% positive the wires are on correctly. I'm almost positive that it's the valves at this point. Here is what I did, I pulled the covers off and found rockers that where lose. So I tightened them, in no order and after I started doing it, the inner me said," This is a mistake, you never...