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  1. RMTZ28

    Nice 1979 camaro on craigslist in NM.

    Ran across this earlier...price seems fair.
  2. RMTZ28

    Is there a better way than jacking up your car to work under it?

    Dont know if its been mentioned, drive up the curb sideways with your oil plug on the low end.
  3. RMTZ28

    My (BAD) Wilwood Brakes experience

    You would think they have several KITS put together for this purpose.
  4. RMTZ28

    Tittie Tuesday....

    To bad she has bad, that might be a scorpion whew.
  5. RMTZ28

    Help with a dryer vent by my a/c.

    I am with Phil, or add a T going up or sideways over the ac and under the window to??? Put a cap on the other end of the T to be able to clean it.
  6. RMTZ28

    Bad jokes..... NWS

    I know where my mom lives in NM, they were about to float away with the rain on Saturday.
  7. RMTZ28

    Anyone else downgrading?

    How do you trade down? wouldn't you still have the difference added to the chevy?
  8. RMTZ28

    Car Jackings out of control

    Didnt see cars.
  9. RMTZ28

    Car Jackings out of control

    Only problem is when they disarm the last of us, there is no need for the governments to care what you think anymore.
  10. RMTZ28

    Car Jackings out of control

    As soon as I get out it goes into my holster.
  11. RMTZ28

    Car Jackings out of control

    I have holsters attached to the side of all the consoles on my vehicles. Are they chambered and safety off? YOU BET.
  12. RMTZ28

    Bad jokes..... NWS

  13. RMTZ28

    70 Chevelle SS Recreation

    I dont think its too bad. Rear lights are a bit small for the body tho.
  14. RMTZ28

    Random sayings

    The beatings will continue until morale improves.
  15. RMTZ28

    Random sayings

    You don't know sht from shinola.
  16. RMTZ28

    I need to restore my first car, a 1980 Z28. It's now rusty.

    $$$$$$$ with inflation $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Is it worth it at this point? Only you can decide.
  17. RMTZ28

    Random- anyone know insulation/cellulose load on my attic.

    Installing insulation was FUN, but installing outlet gaskets is tedious. Go figure.
  18. RMTZ28

    Random- anyone know insulation/cellulose load on my attic.

    "Plus it was kind of fun" What are you doing next saturday lol?
  19. RMTZ28

    steering wheel paint?

    I have restored several Gto steering wheels and this paint lays down the best.

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