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  1. JWZ28

    Checking back in

    Just checking back in to say hey. Been on a bit of a leave of absence the past few years. Had a kid, went through a career change, didn’t put a lot of time into the camaro (and none in the forum) but I’m finally getting back around to it. Good to be back. PS: Did they happen to make a repop...
  2. JWZ28

    Original 4 speed shift knob - 78 Z28

    For sale, the original 4 speed shift knob from my 78 Z28. This is in great condition and still has grain texture on the knob. Asking $250 + shipping but I'm open to reasonable offers. Posting on ebay as well
  3. JWZ28

    grinding/growling noise under hood 95 Z71

    My daily driver is a 1995 Chevy Silverado Z71 5.7L TBI. The alternator took a crap last weekend so I replaced it. While I was there, I replaced the idler pulley and the tensioner pulley. I also looked at the belt and it didn't appear cracked anywhere. The truck runs great and the new...
  4. JWZ28

    What could cause the rear to sit lower on one side?

    The driver side rear of my 78 sits a good bit lower than the passenger side. What could cause this? Rear suspension: Summit lowering springs Poly spring pads Addco anti-sway bar Moog shocks
  5. JWZ28

    TH350 issue 81 square body pickup

    Ok fellas, buddy of mine has an 81 square body with a 350, cam isn't stock but not radical. The previous transmission was burnt up by a previous owner. We swapped another th350 (stock convertor) into the truck from an 85 square body he has. The trans worked fine before the swap. He changed...
  6. JWZ28

    MSD Street Fire Distributor

    MSD Street Fire HEI distributor for sale. Like new, works flawlessly. It's already set up to run with an ignition box. I also still have the stock module, an assortment of curve springs, and the vac advance adjuster plate to go with it. I ran it for about 500 miles. Swapped to timing control...
  7. JWZ28

    Edlebrock Performer RPM intake

    Edlebrock Performer RPM intake for SBC. Great condition. I was using this on my 355 but I swapped to vortec heads and couldn't use it. I gave it a bath but it'll still need a little fine cleaning around the ports. Alabama. $100 plus shipping
  8. JWZ28

    Vortec head swap, headers are glowing...

    I just swapped vortec heads onto my 355. I was running junk 305 heads. I've also been running MSD Atomic EFI for several months now with no issues. After the head swap the car fired up on the second try and runs like a top, but I noticed the headers glowing at night and I can hear fuel...
  9. JWZ28

    Need help on a 1995 Z71

    I have a 1995 Z71 as my DD. 16 bolt trans pan. I cranked it this morning and noticed the tach and speedo weren't working, and the "check gauges" light was on. The engine runs just fine but the transmission isn't shifting right. All of the other gauges are working properly. I tried replacing...
  10. JWZ28

    Help me pick a roller cam

    I'm thinking about going roller in my 355. I enjoy my engine and it runs well, but I have to admit it's pretty slow, and I'd like to squeeze some more power out of it. I don't have a huge budget, so aluminum heads are out for the time being, but I figured going roller would add some good...
  11. JWZ28


    I jumped in on the group buy for I was VERY skeptical at first, but decided to try it due to the good deal and I try to support the businesses who support this awesome site. Ok, I bought the 4x20 ft roll to do my interior with and I just finished doing the entire floor and...
  12. JWZ28

    78 Camaro Parts Original Z28

    Selling some original parts from my 78 Z28 (Alabama). Prices DO NOT include shipping. Some prices may be off the mark so please feel free to make reasonable offers. I take paypal. I'll try to answer PM's as quickly as possible but I work full time so please be patient. Items are going to go...
  13. JWZ28

    Running the 78 at the drag strip for the first time Friday

    Friday I'm finally gonna take my 78 to the drag strip for the first time. This will be my first time making a pass in anything. I'm not hoping to do anything magical but I also don't want to be that jackwagon that slaughters etiquette so any tips would be great. It's a 4 speed car with...
  14. JWZ28

    Found a 6.0 on craigslist. QUESTIONS

    I have been steadily saving to put EFI on my 355, but I just found a 6.0 w/ trans, computer, manifolds, and pulleys for $900 out of a 2002 truck. Now for the big questions. Would this be the correct engine and trans to go LS in my 78? I know I'd have to mod the tunnel and get the computer...
  15. JWZ28

    How do these synchronizers and clutch look?

    How do these look? The clutch was brand new and so were the pressure plate and flywheel when I installed them about 500 miles ago. The clutch is a centerforce rated for high horsepower. The surfaces of the flywheel and pressure plate both looked brand new.
  16. JWZ28

    Looks like the 4spd is coming out... need opinions

    Well, I've finally had enough.. I've been trying to postpone dropping the trans (again :mad: ) but the synchros are starting to grind pretty bad now (BW ST10). I just put a brand new Centerforce clutch (rated for 500hp) in it last year so I'm kinda ticked at myself for not going through the...
  17. JWZ28

    Change trans fluid and filter? 95 Z71

    I recently inherited my grandpa's 95 Z71. I've been doing the regular tune up stuff on it and was about to do a trans fluid and filter change. I know for a fact it's never been changed and the truck has 115,000 miles. Trans fluid is a dark reddish brown and trans still shifts great. No burnt...
  18. JWZ28

    Alternator upgrade question

    I've done a search but can't find an exact answer I need. I'm upgrading the original alternator on my 78 z28 to a 105 amp alt. The part number on the new alt is part number 01-1041 Ultima brand The original alt has a two wire plug with a fat red wire and a smaller brown wire (plus the wire...
  19. JWZ28

    Trans still grinds after warming up

    First of all, my apologies for posting yet another thread about this... 78 ST-10. I still can't get this clutch adjusted correctly. -The trans is fine, I had it checked before installation. -Brand new 500HP rated clutch and pressure plate. -Brand new TO bearing/pilot bushing etc...
  20. JWZ28

    Here's A Steal!!


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