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    Broken heater control lever

    what year is that out of? Thought I had one but the last # is c-4 looks just like the part you need.
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    Headlight Spring 76 Camaro

    On a 76 the spring location is lower right on driver side and lower left on pass side the spring fits into a round hole with a half round tower that is about 1.5 inches tall on the back of the cast headlight piece. The v shaped end of the spring hooks to the "tower" on a notch designed to keep...
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    Lower dash support on driver side

    If your refering to 70-73 your missing 2 braces. The car body should have an attachment point as seen in assy manual pic. I have a set of braces if your interest ed that also has the body attachment. Just let me know.
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    Finding a 270 Ignition Coil is like Finding a Hen Tooth

    Northercorvettes web page shows a 270 BR repo for 142.95. not sure how it matches up to an original.
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    WTB 70-73 RS nose frame

    Tracking info sent.
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    WTB 70-73 RS nose frame

    Shipping info sent. Here's what it would be.
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    WTB 70-73 RS nose frame

    Reply sent.
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    1971 Lower door panel clips

    Which clips are you looking for? There is an ebay listing for a set of the upper clips listed as original 1970-1977 chevrolet chevy camaro upper door panels clips oem gm. listed for $36 ATTACH=full]131248[/ATTACH]
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    WTB 70-73 RS nose frame

    I have one if your interested let me know. The lower 2 sides have some heavy pitting but it is still solid.
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    74-77 Tail Light Finish Panel

    I don't think it's available in repop yet, may be wrong about that. I have a used panel still attached to a 76 parts car. Going to require a good bit of prep work to remove the internal layers of sheet metal that it attaches to. I can cut it out so the stucture is still intact but the rest...
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    Anyone know about trees? For privacy.

    I did lawncare and landscaping for over 15 years and always defered to my local nusery for native species recommendations. The Pogada dogwood is listed as a suitable variety for your area. Most of the mid size trees are typically slower growing so the way to get a jump start is to buy the...
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    Factory correct 70 z exhaust system

    I have a gardner exhaust and it fit like a glove. Yes its expensive but when you don't have a lift its worth every penny. Nothing worse than wrestling an exhaust system that doesn't fit while lying on the floor.
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    How to Improve Front Fender Alignment?

    Your sequence of adjustement is how I do it. Your center body line looks good and your decals line up so your height looks correct. Here's what I would try. The pass side lower area needs to be pushed in to match rocker / door and pulled back to close the gap. Much easier with 2 people...
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    New world record---I think

    I can't beat your record, but I have a 2018 silverado that I usually get about 5000 miles on an oil change. I only drove it 1400 miles over the past 14 months and the sensor showed 0 miles left on my oil so I changed it. I'm guessing this is from not driving it on a regular basis. Any thoughts?
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    Help with brackets

    Here's a couple of pics installed location from the factory prior to removal. Thought this might help.
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    Help with brackets

    Here's the driver's side of course the measurements are different. These measurements, for both sides are only accurate if you inner structure is the same as mine, so look closely before you drill any holes. If you need me to measure from a different reference point just ask or if anything is...
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    Help with brackets

    Here's the pass side, used a steel ruler so I didn't get any error from the tip of a tape measure. Both left to right measurements taken from the same inner structure lip as shown by verticle pen mark on masking tape. The (2) up and down measurements are from the lip just below the hole. I'll...
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    2nd Gen Door latch/striker

    Sometimes you have to move the striker farther out than you think you should, to allow it to get to the second detent in the latch. This may seem wrong but the door will pull in farther when the latch gets to the second detent. If the striker is to far in it won't allow the latch to properly...
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    Wtb interior parts

    PM sent with tracking #
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    Wtb interior parts

    pm sent reguarding paypal transaction.