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    Does Anyone Wax Their Car?

    Yep, it's good stuff. Easy to remove, too. I love how slick the paint is after a good waxing.
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    Stock 78 Z28 Running Poorly. Help!

    Could the timing chain have possibly slipped if some teeth broke off the timing gear?
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    My 383 Was a bust

    Is building engines a hobby or a job for you? All I know is that you know poo I've never even heard about. Wouldn't mind learning, though.
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    Functional 1980 Air Induction Hood

    Yes. All you have to do is come get it.
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    Does Anyone Wax Their Car?

    Youi need to wax your car if you want it to keep a deep shine. Either wax or get a ceramic coating.
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    Newer Blueprint Crate Motor Consuming Oil

    OP, I think you've already turned this into a worst case scenario in your head. All anybody on this board can do is suggest what the problem might be. You need to take this up with the manufacturer only. Clear your head before you call and have a real conversation with somebody with clout there...
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    Functional 1980 Air Induction Hood

    Yes, it will fit. There is also a little extra clearance for an air filter. I actually have 2 of the cowl induction air cleaners, but they aren't free. You should be able to use my existing harness to connect to your fusebox and have operational flaps when you floor it.
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    Functional 1980 Air Induction Hood

    I installed a new cowl hood on my 80 Z28, and the original is now just in the way. It's black with orange highlights and shines up nicely. I'll give it to anybody willing to come get it. I'm in Pelham, Alabama, about 20 miles south of Birmingham.
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    WTB: Nitrous Kit

    Anybody here have a previously installed Quadrajet style complete system they would like to sell (Complete and functional would be nice)? Not expecting results, but maybe I'll get lucky this time.
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    1980 Z28 Door Panel Installation

    The last ones I bought from Summit, but I've bought them from several different places since my first project 1980 Z back in 1998. They are all basically the same.
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    Rochester Q-jet carb vs Holley 770 cfm

    The quadrajet will just need to be dialed in initially, and you shouldn't have to mess with it anymore after that. Every Holley I've used has been temperamental.
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    1980 Z28 Door Panel Installation

    I watched it, but it doesn't really go into positioning the clips. Somehow, the guy is able to adjust his clips when they are already attached to the panel without them getting stuck or falling out or causing other clips to bust loose. I wish it was that easy.
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    Headliner options.....not oem

    The foam just glues to that. You can buy it in a roll and cut it to the shape. My specialty is not that kind of work, and mine turned out great. I didn't cuss or throw anything the entire process.
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    1980 Z28 Door Panel Installation

    I'm glad it's not just me. There are no videos on YouTube or anywhere else that I can locate, and it seems like it's kind of important.
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    Headliner options.....not oem

    The foam type is cheaper and easy to install. Do you still have the headliner board?
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    1980 Z28 Door Panel Installation

    I've replaced door panels in the cars several times, but I always have a problem getting the metal clips to line up with the holes. When I attempt to move them around (over and over again), I end up messing up the mount to where it will no longer hold the clip. Don't have any problems with the...
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    350 engines to avoid for a rebuild

    What size are the valves and combustion chambers on 305 heads?
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    Need new tires...Radial TA's are starting to look rough

    Cooper Cobras were the best value when I bought mine last year. There are some cheaper brands out there, but I didn't want buy from a manufacturer I'd never heard of before. Seemed to me 15" tires were more expensive than larger ones. I guess newer cars mostly have 16" and larger, so our tires...
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    could use some help on picking a set of headers

    I got some others from Hedman that fit. Don't remember the numbers.
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    could use some help on picking a set of headers

    I have a set of shorty headers I think I got from Hedman that are mainly in my way. They won't work on a 4-speed, which is what I have, because there's a linkage right in the way. They should fit an automatic no problem. They're chrome, have gaskets and bolts, and I'll sell them cheap. You...

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