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    Nastyz28 Fantasy Football

    Hey guys, is it too late to get in on this? I played 2 and 3 years ago, but missed last years league because I was on vacation!
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    Taconic State Nationals

    I think im going to head out for this. Im not sure about the BBQ yet though. Too far in the future to know what Im doing...haha I know some guys from CT that might head out to this as well.
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    Her name is Irene.......

    First drive around the neighborhood: Idiot tried to drive through 3ft of water with a Nissan. These roads have never flooded in the 20 years I have lived here. Car in about 4 feet of water off of the shoulder of the NYS Thruway. The person escaped, thank God. New York State Thruway...
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    Eric's 1980 Z28

    if you have any more pictures of the oyster interior, i would be interested in seeing them. I am trying to get mine back to the original oyster, but pictures are very hard to come by!
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    Those who have switched from LCD to LED inside please

    I have heard of this happening before. the problem seems to be coming from the quality of HDMI cable being used. A lot of the newer LED tv's have a much higher refersh rate, and a generic HDMI cable really can't handle it. Im not sure what kind you have, but that would be my first guess as to...
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    5th Annual NY Regional NastyZ28 BBQ - July 9, 2011

    im gonna have to be a late scratch here. i havent been able to get on here in a few days, so sorry for the late notice. At this point though, it might be better just rescheduling this thing for a time when more than 4 cars can go. again, sorry about the late notice.
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    Getting ready to paint the inside of my house...any advice?

    i have always used Benjamin Moore paints. They have about 5 or 6 lines of interior paint to fit any budget, and quality is never sacrificed. IMO, best paint on the market.
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    5th Annual NY Regional NastyZ28 BBQ - July 9, 2011

    sign me up! figure on 3 of us. ill bring a couple of bags of chips and some soda.
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    5th Annual BBQ - Interest Thread

    somehow I missed this thread... I'll be there. Not sure how many will be with me though. Count me in for at least 2 for now!
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    Royal wedding

    Kate Middleton's Sister?....Yes Please!
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    Post up Green your Camaro's

    My 1980 Code 40 with oyster interior. Had the car for about 10 years now, guy before threw on some 3rd gen wheels, and a '79 scoop, made much of the interior black, and painted the thing white. Vin confirms its a Code 40, so last summer we got to work on the restoration. I have a ton of parts...
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    1980 Z28 Project on a budget

    Awesome job on those wheels. I recently picked up a set also, and have started on cleaning them up, so I totally understand how much time you had to put into them. Stupid question did you manage to paint them, while keeping the machined aluminum unpainted...? Did you just spray and...
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    NastyZ COD MW PS3 Group?!

    i'm playing MW2 for now... redsox3087...add me!
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    Call of duty: Black ops

    I'm in for a NZ28 clan! I dont have Black Op's yet, but I'm gonna pick it up soon. Im still playing MW2 online, so add me: redsox3087
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    ramp ideas

    So I'm gonna be putting my Camaro in my shed for the winter..its definitely big enough to fit in there, but the shed is a solid 8 inches off the ground. Maybe im over-estimating, but I doubt the 2x6's i use as ramps for my tractor are going to be able to hold the weight of the car... anyone...
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    What Is you favorite beer!!!

    If its a party or a Bills/Sabres game, it has to be Blue or Blue Light...I thank 4 years in western NY for that one.. I too am also a huge fan of Great Lakes Beer. Took a tour of their brewery out in Cleveland a year or two back.
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    8 bucks a gallon?

    Delta Sonic on Transit Rd in Buffalo has Racing Fuel
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    just changed...draft is now tomorrow night. same time, same place.
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    if we dont get one more spot are we not drafting tonight?
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    craigslist find

    nah, he definitely sold it. I see him every week or so playing hockey. Im pretty sure the guy who bought it just kept the pics from the old craigslist ad!

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