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    Opinions on this Short Block

    Give Nyes racing a call. He's "close" to the same price but with a dart shp block... I had him spec out a 396 short block for me pre covid, and it was about the best price I could find with upgraded internals.
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    Opinions on this Short Block If I were looking a short block I would check out these folks. Another one I see mentioned a lot is Nyes Racing from other forums...
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    On my third header panel, second Hood.

    I have my original hood that came with the car and the original header panel and mine looks about the same as yours in your first picture. With some tweaking of the front end you could probably get it a little better, but like others stated it didn't come but so good from the factory. If I ever...
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    Second gen wheels

    That is beautful, very nice looking car and wheels!
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    Second gen wheels

    Beautiful wheels, did you order directly through Boze or a vendor?
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    Will a 67-69 camaro bbc turbo hot side fit?

    check out i think you would get more help there imo
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    18” wheel and tire???

    Think my Nittos are a 245-45 but on 17" wheel, its comes to around 9.5" wide when mounted. No issues rubbing from lock to lock on steering wheel.
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    Full Length Headers on Lowered Car

    Which AFR heads? The 210 have raised exhaust runners by 1/4"
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    Pump Gas 358 SBC Results this past Sept.

    Well done, love reading stuff like this :)
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    Another Wheel Question

    Yup, I run their 17" in that backspacing i believe, with a 275-40-17 and it fits great with no rubbing. I would probably even try a 285 next time. 18" seems to be the trend for clearing larger brakes!
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    Full Length Headers on Lowered Car

    Any idea if they will work with raised exhaust ports on AFR heads? I've been eyeing the ARH headers myself as my super comp hookers twisted my exhaust out of shape with the new heads
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    Color Options

    Thanks! I grabbed a pic of the plate earlier, looking at the info in the link the car was originally a classic copper color with the sandalwood interior. Thanks!
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    Color Options

    Thanks will check that out! Is there a way to know how many of each color combo were made etc?
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    Color Options

    Hi, on my 71 RS the car came a burnt orange brown color and tan interior, how can I find out what the original color codes were for the car? The color now is a newer model corvette red with black interior. What i'm wondering is how rare the original color for the body and interior were? Thanks...
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    anyone interested in trades?

    lol I'll keep my eyes out. :)
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    Should Be Good On Oil...

    I would think the oil pressure would certainly go up just by going to a thicker oil because of the added friction and more pressure required to move said oil?
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    Welding Sheet Metal Help

    Sure i guess it is all perspective, in my mind its ignorant to worry about an originally correct body panel on a car that has been mini tubbed and the drivetrain isn’t even correct for the year. I don’t have the time to search through all of your threads on inner fenders or repo parts. In fact...
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    Happy with dyno results

    Awesome engine and results! I have the same cylinder heads, did you change valve springs or stick with the ones that AFR heads comes with?

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