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  1. KingofThings

    ELEVATOR BOLTS ~ What? ~ A quite handy type of hardware for various projects.

    I needed to screen the HUGE vents in my '69 Chevy stepside's cowl and found some great, gloss black, rain gutter screen at Lowes for less than $4 each and needed two. How to attach them under the cowl though without drilling through? I perused my local nut, bolt and whatnot shop and found...
  2. KingofThings

    'Artillery' wheels. Not on ANY Camaro I know of. ;) Buddy needs some...

    I need six 15" six lug Chevy 'Artillery' wheels. They can be rusty, twanged a little maybe but not bent. Does anyone have or know of some somewhere? No 16s please. Thank you! ~
  3. KingofThings


    If this isn't ok here please move it to an appropriate location. Thank you! ~ Not 16"...15" only. These would be for other project cars. Rusty is probably ok, damaged/bent no thanks except for minor issues. ~ Thank you!
  4. KingofThings

    '70 Camaro SS(?) near Olympia WA for sale

    I know nothing of it just putting it out there as I just saw it on Craigslist. :) ~
  5. KingofThings

    Please help with turn signal cam issues

    Many of you will have the exact same mechanism but this isn't with my car, this is with my '69 Chevy C/10. I thought my turn signal cam had failed in some way because the signals won't turn off. I replaced it and still the problem exists. Anyone know why this might be? Is something else bent or...
  6. KingofThings

    Driven gear issues WITHOUT calculations please

    This happens to be in the 3 speed in my '69 C/10. Before I knew you have to add driven gear teeth to bring down the speedo I tried the 6 gear set from purple, I think it was, to an odd color which may be black though there is supposed to be a 'silver' but this is a dull carbon black. Anyway it's...
  7. KingofThings

    Chrome engine accessories vs silicone gaskets :p

    I learned something the VERY hard way recently fighting with this for many weeks for surely I'M doing something wrong... Apparently, Fel-Pro can't be bothered to put this important info in their descriptions nor a warning on gasket boxes. Their silicone gaskets, the one-piece oil pan gasket in...
  8. KingofThings

    As seen on TV PrepUp from MotorUp

    I have an 8oz. bottle (date is '96 if correct) which I probably got at a garage sale for 25 or 50 cents. Anyone ever used it? Cannot find a single review online. I'm not intending for it to replace an oil change, as it's supposed to be for,:rolleyes: just that if it's a good additive I'll use it...
  9. KingofThings

    Would never use them again.

    Oddly I recently got a request from a site named Truepoint for a review of a CI transaction that was well over a year old. The brief version> I bought hundreds of $ worth of parts including new hood hinges and springs. Everything came except the springs which my C/10 sorely needed to close my...

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