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  1. C-1 generation 2

    Tried a new wax - wow!

    Looks great! I may have to try that on my 79 Z28 very similar to yours.. I noticed that you have pictures on Flickr so I went ahead and click on to follow you.
  2. C-1 generation 2

    Vets - which MG is this one?

    Definitely not a 50 cal. The rounds and the barrel look too small for a M60. In Viet Nam I drove an M113 armored personnel carrier that had a 50 cal and three M60s.
  3. C-1 generation 2

    Whats your favorite 79 Z28 Factory Color?

    Tried and true, white and blue.
  4. C-1 generation 2

    Finally got color on my car!

    Great job! You got to love white.
  5. C-1 generation 2

    Rear Speakers

    On my 79 I don't have any clearance problems with the jack assembly under the package tray. When I bought my 79 the speakers were mounted above the tray with a spacer. I didn't like the looks of seeing the speakers, it sure didn't look correct. I bought a set of stock speaker grills from the...
  6. C-1 generation 2

    1980 Camaro upper hose protector

    I have the right one on mine. I just wondered if it was possible to buy what appears to be a collar on the hose although my 79 has bracket on the radiator to hold the hose.
  7. C-1 generation 2

    1980 Camaro upper hose protector

    I'm not sure what it's called but a friends 80 Z28 has a plastic collar on the bend on his upper radiator hose. I'm guess it's to protect the hose from the fan. Does anyone make a replacement part like that and what's it called?
  8. C-1 generation 2

    Chiggers !!!!!!!!

    For us lately at car shows it has been sweat bees and a few times chiggars. So I tried this: Last car show in shady grass area wasn't bothered by anything after using Bert's Bees.
  9. C-1 generation 2

    Post a *PIC* of your latest purchase...

    I was at a car show with the Camaro Saturday and had a picture laying on the dash of a 79 grill emblem wanted. Late in the day some guy came by talking about building a 79 the same color combo as mine but not stock. After talking a while I ask him if he might know anyone that may have a nice...
  10. C-1 generation 2

    where to get A/C lines crimped

    Try an AC/Delco parts store, if you have one local. They crimped new lines for me. They also have AC/Delco batteries that look correct in the Camaros.
  11. C-1 generation 2

    Valve cover gasket ??

    I always use 3M gorilla snot to hold the cork gasket in place on the valve cover and let it set for an hour. Then bolt them on. I did mine ten years ago, still no leaks. On the Corvette I have to use a rubber gasket for the adapter for my ZZ4 to use 4 bolt finned valve covers with cork between...
  12. C-1 generation 2

    2 weeks, 4 shows, some pics and an observation

    Around here there is quite a few 2nd Gens but my 79 can usually hold it's own against 1st Gens. My biggest competition is "Thunder" all his 2nd gens are off the chart. My last judged show got 1st in Camaros all years and probably because Thunder came in 2002. Here's picture of one of my rivals...
  13. C-1 generation 2

    Trunk Enclosure

    Good job! I did my own on the 62 Corvette. New drive-in speakers hooked to a remote sd card reader/FM radio, remote back lit Corvette emblem, styro foam cooler where the spare used to be. Power trunk release of a 70-81 Camaro. Courtesy light under trunk with old Corvette emblem. Side panels...
  14. C-1 generation 2

    Post a *PIC* of your latest purchase...

    Recently bought this dog dish for my 62 Corvette, now all I need is three more in this shape or better. Please ignore the picture of the conehead on the hub cap.
  15. C-1 generation 2

    1980 Z28

    Just noticed you Camaro, that it is a twin to a friend car. Here's a few pictures of his Camaro.
  16. C-1 generation 2

    1979 A/C vacuum diagram

    I did find a picture of 72 posted by TM. Which is somewhat helpful. I wonder if someone could take a picture of the vacuum line hookup on the back of the a/c heat control for a 1979? Here's a picture of mine, it seems to have two ports...
  17. C-1 generation 2

    1979 A/C vacuum diagram

    Lately I've been using the 79 Camaro more ca shows and cruises because of the A/C but noticed the door that should be closed for Max A/C isn't closing. I can't seem to find the diagram on the Search. Any help would be appreciated.
  18. C-1 generation 2

    '71 LeMans

    What an awesome body design and so many ways to go. Le Mans, LeMansSport, GTO or Judge. In 1970 I ordered a 70 LeMans Sport, Palisade green, dark green interior, dark green vinyl roof, rally lls rwl 350/350.
  19. C-1 generation 2

    How many here remember their first plate?

    I do. I had a 65 Chevelle SS but it had a 66 sticker on it. On day I noticed that under the sticker it was stamped 62. So now it is registered on my 62 Corvette.
  20. C-1 generation 2

    Assembly line

    What a great read. I worked for Chrysler for thirty nine and a half years and spent most of the time in the metal shop. I worked with most of the muscle car in the 60s and 70s. Chargers, Barracudas, R/Ts, Superbees GTXs, Road Runners. One of the most notable jobs was stamping the VIN in the...