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    Functional 1980 Air Induction Hood

    I installed a new cowl hood on my 80 Z28, and the original is now just in the way. It's black with orange highlights and shines up nicely. I'll give it to anybody willing to come get it. I'm in Pelham, Alabama, about 20 miles south of Birmingham.
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    WTB: Nitrous Kit

    Anybody here have a previously installed Quadrajet style complete system they would like to sell (Complete and functional would be nice)? Not expecting results, but maybe I'll get lucky this time.
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    1980 Z28 Door Panel Installation

    I've replaced door panels in the cars several times, but I always have a problem getting the metal clips to line up with the holes. When I attempt to move them around (over and over again), I end up messing up the mount to where it will no longer hold the clip. Don't have any problems with the...
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    Question about inner workings of AC box - 1980 Z28

    I've looked everywhere for images of the inside of these boxes, and I can't find anything. I'm just hoping maybe somebody here will have run into my problem. Anyway, while removing the interior of my 80 Z28, I found a plate hanging out of the bottom of the box when I removed the hard plastic...

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