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  1. 72SS9681

    Key Cylinder Steering Column

    The key cylinder can only go in one way. Unless it is engaged with the ignition gear the cylinder will not seat and lock in. Sounds like the reverse lock out lever is not turned back to the counter clockwise position, check and make sure its turned fully to the left. Another possibility is the...
  2. 72SS9681

    1979 Camaro Emergency Brake Question

    It's normal for them to contact the floor but normally they don't touch the exhaust. I'm not familiar with 1979's but my 72 has a rod/clip that holds the right side cable up and away from the exhaust. Can't tell from your picture but is there a similar clip holding your right-side cable. I don't...
  3. 72SS9681

    Is it cheaper in the end to buy rust free base model and convert, or z28 with rust?

    If we were talking about a 1969 Camaro and you were worried about originality this would be a different conversation. Buy the rust free car, build to your liking and enjoy it. You'll save time, money, and in the end probably be happier with the car...IMO!
  4. 72SS9681

    Rear Differential Identification.

    Yah, missed that one. I agree springs must be too long.
  5. 72SS9681

    Rear Differential Identification.

    Try putting it back on its wheels and see if the springs compress enough to attach the sway bar links. When I changed my springs they were higher than the old ones and after a couple of months the relaxed a bit. I couldn't attach my sway bar without compressing my springs either.
  6. 72SS9681

    No power at fuse box - slightly different than what I found in other posts

    Looking at the 1978 wiring diagram I think you're on the right track. That wire appears to go to a junction under the dash with one wire going to the fuse block, another direct to the ignition switch and another to the head light switch. My guess is there's a single 3/8" bolt that holds that...
  7. 72SS9681

    72 Z wont start

    My guess would be that you've blow a fusible link. I don't have a wiring diagram that shows gauge wiring so its hard for me to say were to start. I believe the amp gauge is feed from the main charging system (alternator) so I would start by checking the fusible link that go's from the horn relay...
  8. 72SS9681

    Rear seat bolt size

    Here's a picture of the my original's. Its a 1/4" x 1" bolt (7/16" head). The washer is 1 3/4". Not sure what the thread count is called...Sheetmetal bolt?
  9. 72SS9681

    2:73 gears with Muncie 4 speed

    BTW nice job on the car, looks great!
  10. 72SS9681

    2:73 gears with Muncie 4 speed

    Depends on what you want to do with the car. For street driving I would go with the 3:55 or 3:73. For me the 4.11 is too low for the street but that's personal preference. Before you buy parts check the code on the right axle tube and make sure its not a 70 8.2 inch 10 bolt otherwise you'll run...
  11. 72SS9681

    2:73 gears with Muncie 4 speed

    If it's an original Z, I would find the correct 12 bolt and gear with the 3:55 or 3:73 gears you talked about and yes this will make a huge difference. If your not worried about the 12 bolt and the rear end in the car is a 8.5 inch 10 bolt (71 and later corporate rear end) re-gear as mentioned...
  12. 72SS9681

    Radiator tag

    Heartbeat City has an identical one their listing as a 67-69 Firebird HD w/auto. Not sure if there correct though, I've never been able to find factory information on decoding radiator tags...
  13. 72SS9681

    Rally Wheel Back Side Correct/Factory Color

    This is an original set of wheels I bought for my 72 SS and never used (rollers on my Corvair now). They have never been repainted, there Argent Silver on the outside and Dove Gray on the inside. They came off of an early 70's Camaro. And yes they are 14x7's.
  14. 72SS9681

    help id parts

    Can you see any part numbers on the pedestals? If so I have Chevrolet and Pontiac parts books, if you can Id them maybe you can recoup some of the money you spent restoring them.
  15. 72SS9681

    4 speed shifting problem

    The shifter pivots side to side on the carriage bolt. If the carriage bolt is missing you might not be getting enough side pressure to engage the 1st/2nd gear shift plate when down shifting. I think your rebuild kit will fix the problem. If not could be the main shaft is set up too tight and...
  16. 72SS9681

    My 81 has a terrible turning radius!

    Doesn't look like your going to get much more travel from your steering box. Only other thing I can think of that would affect turning radius is the steering arms on the spindle. I'm not sure on 2nd gen cars but 1st gen Camaro's could be ordered with "Quick" steering arms which made the car more...
  17. 72SS9681

    My 81 has a terrible turning radius!

    Almost seems too close to me. Seems like stock lower control arms have stops to prevent the tie rods from turning too far. When you turn it lock to lock does it steers tighter to one side? I believe the steering arm can only go on the box one way but maybe its indexed wrong?
  18. 72SS9681

    What size fuel line?

    I don't have any experience with 1980 Camaro's but 1/4" isn't big enough. usually 1/4" lines are used for vapor return lines on air conditioned cars. My 72 a/c car has a 3/8" fuel line and a 1/4" vapor return. GM used the vapor return to prevent vapor lock on A/C cars as they tend to run hotter...
  19. 72SS9681

    Nice FedEx

    I worked for UPS for years, most packages are damaged by conveyors and other packages. That's what happened in Knuckle Draggers case, the box ended up on one end of the building and the spring on another. In the case of bumpers they are considered "irregulars" and in most cases are damage...
  20. 72SS9681

    69 Camaro convertible rear audio speakers

    Love the original space saver tire, very cool.

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