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    Anyone Running This Manifold??

    I had a raised one on my small block. Back-to-back with a Victor Jr the G outperformed it. I have a raised Team G on my BBC and like it. The raised one makes more power than the low one Car Craft tested if you can fit it.
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    702's or 781's on rv 454 ?

    MyBoTy is correct. I have had both open and closed on my engine. Open outperormed the closed, but I did have 2.19s and 1.88s, so you decide.
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    1970 RS - A British Resto

    Very little power can be found in the roller tips though. The power can be found in a roller fulcrum. The roller tips do reduce wear on the valves however...and you are correct, the Comp pieces are way more accurate.
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    hp gains?

    I wouldn't spray it at 2500rpm with a window switch. That's a bunch of load on pistons. Just an opinion... Sounds like it would be a killer combo w/100 shot. Those pesky Stangs will melt to glue.
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    small block head?

    I know I installed a set of IK200s on my brothers 3rd gen several years ago. They have done very well. Of course, these are all opinions, but I only go by personal experience. And mine has been great.
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    small block head?

    Brodix IK series. Great experience with them.
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    454 in my 1980 Z28?

    Regarding the tall valve covers and power brakes, I still use these and run a solid cam, so I remove the valve covers to run the lash and did notice that the tin covers I use "clearanced" themselves but putting a small dimple on them by the booster... And I use stock springs w/iron heads and...
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    383 with Isky mega 280 cam

    Sounds like a good combination. And +1 on the smog check...
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    454 in my 1980 Z28?

    I had those same headers in my 79 at one time. I had no clearance issues w/automatic trans and using the stock motor mounts and frame stands.
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    performer vs. air gap/dual plane

    See, I knew there would be a load of responses crying "DUAL PLANE!!" if I said single
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    performer vs. air gap/dual plane

    He asked about a "different intake, such as an air gap". The air gap is different than what he has now. A single plane intake would certainly qualify as different than the current Performer...
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    performer vs. air gap/dual plane

    Thanks Tom. Look like we have alot in common (Z-28, 496, auto, 4.10s)...
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    performer vs. air gap/dual plane

    Be prepared for 14 posts after I say this asking me "Are you nutts?! This is a street engine!! Single planes don't work on the street dummy!!" I'm going to say this...go RPM Air or a single plane. I don't know your cam specs, but I would imagine you have some duration if you have a roller...
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    vacuum can?

    I run one in my 496-inch BBC. It's a 246/254 @.050 and 108 separation solid. It improved it some. Put mine under the dash. Tight fit, but you never know it's there...
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    badboys 70 project

    I just found this tread. I absolutly laughed out loud when several posters were saying the hood scoop in a "bit much", then you put a 6 incher on it! Love it! Seriously, very nice metal working and very cool project!
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    '73 Camaro Street/Strip project in NH

    Very nice project! Top notch work. You might want to scrape the paint off the exhaust flange on the head before putting headers on. If you ever need to replace header gaskets after awhile trust me, you will be glad you did. MUCH easier to scrape off the old gasket material off.:cool:
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    bbc pump gas project

    Yup, a cam will bleed off cylinder pressure if it has enough overlap allowing you to run pump gas with more than 9.5:1 compession. I know, I do it with my car.
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    Best way for 500hp and or 420rwhp *

    The 383 option is my vote (budget restraints). 10.5 compr is fine with those heads and a decent cam that will bleed off a little pressure down low with overlap. Although I have a BB and love it...

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