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  1. 71RS/SS396

    LRP Plantinum Track 9" differential

    I spend most of the time in my car on the road courses and auto-x so this info is probably not for everyone, but for the guys that do the same it may be helpful. After repeatedly killing Tru-tracs I started looking for alternative solutions for differentials that would live and be rebuildable...
  2. 71RS/SS396

    UMI Autocross

    The last month has been crazy so this is the first time I've had to post this. I attended the UMI Autocross and Cruis-in Aug 11-12 which was a fun, well organized event, there was auto-x on Friday and part of Saturday before the car show and cruise through town. On Friday as I was waiting in...
  3. 71RS/SS396

    Photobucket Work Around

    If you insert "~original" between jpg and [/IMG][/URL] it will revive your pics in your threads, who knows how long it will last before photobucket realizes this loop hole. EX. ~original[/IMG][/URL]
  4. 71RS/SS396

    Short stroke 408 LS

    Screaming short stroke 408 we just finished for a customer. It still has hydraulic lifters and runs on pump gas, took it all the way to 8700 and the valvetrain remained stable. We modified a set of LS3 Fast short runners to work with the LS7 heads. We kept the timing at 25 degrees with the pump...
  5. 71RS/SS396

    Raleigh Goodguys

    Anyone going this weekend? I'll be there at the auto-x all weekend, stop by and say Hi. I'll have my 2nd gen there and the Mrs will have her first gen along with a 63 Chevy II we are building.
  6. 71RS/SS396

    Auto-x action shot thread

    Since it's kinda dead in here I thought I would start a thread to post up action shots of cars on the auto-x. These pics are from Charlotte Goodguys of me and the Mrs. tearing it up. Blue 70 is me, the black 69 is her. Feel free to add shots of your ride in action.
  7. 71RS/SS396

    Columbus Goodguys Auto-x

    I managed to place 4th in the pro class out of 25 entrants and there were some heavy hitters from across the country. For me to be able to be in the same zip code let alone finish ahead of guys like Brian Hobaugh, Mike Maier, and Kyle Tucker is a win for me. Here's a short video clip taken by...
  8. 71RS/SS396

    3 Bolt LS Cam

    Item Location (City/State):Wake Forest,NC Price:$200 Description:Comp Cams custom grind cam This cam has 2 dyno pulls and warm up time on it. It wasn't a good match for my combo. This would probably be best in a big inch engine but that's up to you to decide. Pics below of lobes and cam...
  9. 71RS/SS396

    2005 Trailblazer Brake Issues

    The front brakes are dragging, I checked the caliper pins and they move freely. Both calipers are not releasing after the pedal is depressed. I'm suspecting either the master cylinder or the abs valve is the culprit since I find it less likely both calipers are seized at the same time or both...
  10. 71RS/SS396

    First Pass at the Dragstrip with new engine

    After fighting tuning issues most of the weekend at LS Fest, I finally managed a somewhat decent pass on Sat. night. This is on full auto-x/road race set-up. Went 11.15 @ 127.6 with snail like 2.0 60ft with some wheel spin in 1st and 2nd gear.
  11. 71RS/SS396

    Chassis Dyno Numbers

    I finally got the new engine shoe horned into my car and took it to the dyno shop today. I'm very happy with the results, 672 rwhp @7,500, it makes 500 lb/ft of torque @ 3,100 rpm and slowly rises to a peak of 552 lb/ft @ 5,800. This is all done on 93 octane pump gas and hydraulic lifters...
  12. 71RS/SS396

    Latest Dyno numbers on the new engine

    I posted several weeks ago about my new engine build's initial dyno test, since then we have added 2 more scavenge stages to the dry sump pump to pull vacuum on the valley, this netted an additional 20 hp. Then we bolted on the new intake with twin 90 mm throttle bodies, it picked up an...
  13. 71RS/SS396

    Chevy Hi Nats

    Anyone going? I'll be there all weekend, spending most of my time on the auto-x, but will be making a few passes down the 1/4 for the top ride shootout competition.
  14. 71RS/SS396

    New engine dyno pull

    Here's the initial dyno numbers on the new engine I had built. This was with all the accessories running with the exception of the power steering pump. The engine was built to spin to 8,000 but the 102 mm throttle body is choking it right now. I have a short runner cross ram twin 90 mm...
  15. 71RS/SS396

    My Junk Is The Centerfold in Chevy Hi

    They screwed up a few of the facts but all in all they did a nice job.
  16. 71RS/SS396

    Please Get The Word Out

    Jon is a friend of mine that works in the car community. His son has contracted a form of meningitis and is clinging to life and they're getting buried in medical bills. I'm asking that anyone that donate please do, even a small amount will help, also pass the word along through facebook...
  17. 71RS/SS396

    Auto-x in car video

    Here's an in car video of my car shot by a local media member in Del Mar, Ca at the Goodguys car show. This track is seal-coat and is as slick as snot. I tried to embed this but couldn't figure it out.
  18. 71RS/SS396

    Del Mar Goodguys

    Anyone planning on going?
  19. 71RS/SS396

    Scottsdale Goodguys

    Any Zona members attending? I'll be there running my car in the auto-x shootout finals. If anyone is coming I'd like to meet and say hello. I'll be driving this
  20. 71RS/SS396

    Good Weekend At The Track

    I know most in this section are drag racers but since it's the racing section I figured I would post it here. I raced at the Heidts Performance Car Challenge this weekend with 93 other cars. Saturday was basically time trials on the road course and I spent most of the day dealing with guys...

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