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  1. Camaro Joe

    My (BAD) Wilwood Brakes experience

    I also have Wilwood brakes on my car, but I went with electric power assisted setup from ABS brake. The best brake setup I have ever had.
  2. Camaro Joe

    Detroit Speed rearend

    For sale DSE Moser 9” Quadralink housing a and axles, powder coated black. In my car one season, had to order another because of a custom order rims error. $1,300.00 USD and you pay of shipping.
  3. Camaro Joe

    79 Z28 Project Fast Times.........

    Here’s what I did on my 70, you may find it helpful it looks like we’re using the same parts.
  4. Camaro Joe

    LT4 Swap

    The harness came from Seartech and the front drive is Wegner.
  5. Camaro Joe

    LT4 Swap

    First start up, after months of work it finally comes alive.
  6. Camaro Joe

    LT4 swap and more

    Here’s some pics of the Pypes 3” exhaust installed
  7. Camaro Joe

    LT4 swap and more

    Power steering pump Fits fine you have to run a remote reservoir. Moving the engine forward for me will create other issues, where it is now there is a couple tight spots but everything will work fine.
  8. Camaro Joe

    Best electric fan setup

    Go with a C&R aluminum rad with dual 13” spal fans.
  9. Camaro Joe

    Manual windows to power windows

    I have a 70 SS, will any factory power windows out of any second Gen year work?
  10. Camaro Joe

    LT4 swap and more

    Some more
  11. Camaro Joe

    LT4 swap and more

    More pictures
  12. Camaro Joe

    LT4 swap and more

    Here’s a few pictures of the progress I’ve made.
  13. Camaro Joe

    1980 Camaro C5 brake conversion

    Hey everyone, I’m looking at new rims (19x8) and the one I like will not work with the factory front spindle because of its length, switching to a C5 hub will work with the rim but is there any thing else I need to be aware of or change.
  14. Camaro Joe

    Anyone have pushbutton start in thier camaro?

    FYI On vehicle with factory towing packages just plug in a trailer plug and it will bypass the stop/start function.
  15. Camaro Joe

    Anyone have pushbutton start in thier camaro?

    I think it a great idea. I'm in the process of doing that, this is what I'm doing: - Purchased a new Flaming River tilt column without the key or lock. - Purchased I-Key from Digital Guard Dog, this has full functionality of a modern car and has optional GPS tracking. I do have a modern Gen V...
  16. Camaro Joe

    LT4 swap and more

    Hi all, I installed the C&R heat exchanger, C&R does not make one for the second gen Camaro so I went with a 69 Camaro instead (they do custom orders), the upper hood latch assembly will need need to be modified. In my case the problem was worse because I have A/C and the condenser sit in front...
  17. Camaro Joe

    LT4 swap and more

    No sorry, selling as a package
  18. Camaro Joe

    LT4 swap and more

    Sorry forgot to add pics

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