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  1. Spanky McWeasel

    Washer system mounting

    Howdy, font of all knowledge! Does anyone have pics of the washer jet mounting on the underside of the hood, please? What fasteners are used? Same goes for the washer bottle; how's it mounted and with what? This is a base model '71. Many thanks in advance.
  2. Spanky McWeasel

    A newbie writes... Again -- poor idling, running rich

    Hey there again, folks! Been a while, but I've been putting this off for some time whilst attending to stuff I can do, e.g. bits of interior trim, etc. Some of you may recall I bought my '71 back in March and it arrived here in the Med at the beginning of May. It was tricky to start and was...
  3. Spanky McWeasel

    By way of an introduction... My 71

    Hey there folks! Did this kind of bass-ackwards as I already posted in another sub-forum and got some excellent advice from the font-of-all-knowledge, but some prompting there made me think I ought to do this properly :) Firstly, I'm a Brit, but no longer living in the UK. Don't hate me! :D...
  4. Spanky McWeasel

    "A newbie writes..."

    Greetings, font of all knowledge. This is possibly one of the most difficult posts I've ever had to write online, and I've been an IT techie for over 35 years. I'm from the UK originally, although these days live in the sunny Mediterranean. I had a very sick (in the literal, dictionary sense)...

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