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    70 trunk lock

    My car has never had a trunk lock in it. Finally after 20+ years I have decided to put one in. I think I've bought everything except I have no idea what exactly holds the bezel in? As in what fastens it to the rear valance?
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    Gun guys

    For any of you guys that have EoTech optics you may be interested in this. If you haven't heard the government has sued L3 Communications over a problem with their holographic sights. Eotech is buying back the sights at what you paid for them plus $15.00 shipping. They did not require proof of...
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    Opinion on tires?

    I need to put tires on my elderly mothers vehicle. It is an 09 Malibu LTZ. She does not want to have to switch between snows and summers and wants an all season. I'm just wondering if any of you who live in winter climates have had any success with any particular all seasons in the snow. I know...
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    I think not.
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    Anyone own an Equinox? RANT

    What a POS!! This car has been horrible. We'll start with the little stuff. The paint started wearing off the interior trim in the first year and the seats stain if you get ANY water (rain, snow) on them. The exterior paint is falling off around the wheel wells and around the chrome trim on the...
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    *^%&$!! Usps!

    I posted about a week ago with a question about e-bay/paypal. I had won a bid on a set of Works shocks for my quad and not heard from the seller after almost 2 weeks. Right after I posted here the seller emailed me and said he was on vacation and would ship them right out which he did and gave...
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    When should I worry?

    I won an auction on ebay on the 10th, made payment by paypal on the 11th. I sent an email to the seller asking to let me know when the item ships, no response. I waited a few days and sent another email asking if the item had been shipped, again no response. I sent another email on Thursday...
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    for you gun control people

    Thought some might like this:
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    Edelbrock heads.

    I was checking out this site and found a set of heads if anyones looking.
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    Not too sure about this one, but if it's true these kids really need a hoby! Sorry if it's a repo.
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    Who else got snow?

    I woke up at 4 am to the sound of a plow truck, looked out the window to see 5" of fresh snow, and it's still coming down. I checked the weather and it's calling for snow for the next few day's :( . It was finally almost gone out of my back yard, now I gotta go shovel my driveway. And I thought...
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    Easy ways to get rid of grease?

    I'm trying to clean up my 79 and I'm having a hard time trying to get rid of all the dried up oil that is ALL over it. The prior owner used to spray the wheel wells and under carriage with old motor oil then drive it down a dirt road to "protect" it before he stored it for winter. It did it's...
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    Non Camaro trans prob.

    I've been having a problem lately when it's cold with the AOD trans (not sure what model) in my 97 Jeep Grand Cherokee 5.2L. When it's below about 40* out I have to let off the gas completly befor it will shift into overdrive, once the trans is warm it shifts fine. Last night when I left work it...
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    If anyones interested.

    I have no idea who this person is I got it in an e-mail from my mom, its posted on the bulliten board at her work. I just thought it sounded like a good deal and someone might be looking. 1978 Blue Flake Camaro, automatic, 8 cylinder (very powerful, this engine > doesn't purr, it roars)...
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    Wheres the blower motor?

    The heater motor on my 79 Berlinetta is squeeling and driving me nuts! I bought a new one today expecting it to be mounted right to the fire wall, but I cant see it any where. It's has a/c. Where is it and is there any tricks to changing it? Thanks in advance for any help.
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    Grindin' Gears

    I've got a 79, 350, 4 spd. The car shifts fine up and down the gears going down the road, but if I come to a stop and put it in neutral, I have a hard time getting it to go back in gear unless I roll forward or backward a few inches. It also grinds reverse BAD, not all the time but most, It's so...
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    Anyone know where I can get,

    center caps for polycast wheels on a 79 Berlinetta?
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    polycast centercaps

    Anyone know where I can get a set for a 79?
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    Was it a good deal?

    I just picked up one owner a 79 Berlinetta, 350 4spd, 71,026 mi. It runs and drives like new. all complete except the headliner is gone. I got a folder with all the reciepts for service work. The only thing thats not origional is the paint. It was blue now its black. I got it for $2000. Was it...
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    70-73 repro front spoiler

    I just bolted on my new front spoiler, and it fits like crap! I think I got it from classic ind. Anyone else have any problems or did I just get a bad one?

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