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    VFN Fiberglass

    Has anyone used a hood from VF and fiberglass in Addison Illinois. Just looking for feedback and quality and fitment I know there is always a little massaging to do I don’t fiberglass hood just looking for some input thank you
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    GM 572 Crate motor hood clearance

    I spoke with Ron at fiber concepts in Pennsylvania he told me to post on nasty Z 28, to get info on thr clearance we have a 572 GM crate motor in our 73Z 28 wanna know if anyone has used his L88 hood with that set up or even a three or 4 inch cowl hood looking for info so I can order the right...
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    L88 hood clearance

    Does anyone have a L88 hood on a 2nd gen camaro in southern Wisconsin or northern Illinois I could speak with about the clearance thx

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