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  1. protour73

    mecum montery live - watch Mr RW's 69 get sold in a few minutes

    Highest price I've ever seen a 2nd Gen go for. Good for us protouring owners. LOT F159 // MONTEREY 2014 // AUG 14-16 1970 CHEVROLET CAMARO RS RESTO MOD LS3/570 HP, 6-SPEED Sold $150,000!!
  2. protour73

    Friday the 13th...

    ...............chicken!! LOL :screwup:
  3. protour73

    Anyone else just not give a crap about the World Cup?

    Soccer.......the most popular sport in this country.....until kids hit junior high and discover "REAL American Sports" - Football, Hockey, Baseball and Basketball.
  4. protour73

    R.I.P. GM High Tech Performance, Popular Hot Rodding and Camaro Performers...

    Look at Tim, hanging with the cool kids!! LOL POST PICS!!! (please) ;)
  5. protour73

    Happy Birthday John Wright!!

  6. protour73

    Where to buy? 4" OD composite tube

    Airaid $56.90 on Amazon
  7. protour73

    Where in the world am I?

    YAY.....i win :p Wind tunnel building? You're very fortunate, that is a dream trip of mine!! more pics please!!
  8. protour73

    Where in the world am I?

    At the Ferrari factory in Maranello
  9. protour73

    73 rear window defroster

    nope, it wasn't the defroster, but I did have one in there at the time. ;)
  10. protour73

    Time for Gordo's favorite game...

    Prairie Kingsnake ;) find some mice......Feed it!!
  11. protour73

    Happy Birthday to Scotty (protour73), cmonson, and 77Thor!

    Thanks guys......Gordo that humored me!! ;)
  12. protour73

    Opinion of GM 4.2 L Straight Six Engine

    That 4.2L I-6 engine in the TB is awesome!! 163K by the time I traded my '02 in on my '13 Chevy Cruze. When I bought my Camaro on '06, I used the TB to tow the Camaro on a U-Haul dual axle car hauler trailer - 450 miles from PA to Chicago. It performed flawlessly, but I'm sure that was...
  13. protour73

    Media blasters in the Chicagoland area

    Jay @ Pro-Tek in Joliet is AWESOME. I will vouch for this guy 100%, his work is flawless and he is GOOD people on top of it!! Media Blasting and Custom Powdercoating.
  14. protour73

    Mary Pozzi Optima Poster

    nahhh, just the gal next door with some nice driving skillz ;) Congrats Mary..........15 minutes of fame can stretch pretty far!! :o
  15. protour73

    Its alive!!!!

    Holy Crap, I thought you DID sell it....... Good for you Chris!!
  16. protour73

    'Sup fools

  17. protour73

    My latest vintage gear acquisition!

    This is actually one of the more unique threads on this site, glad to see it's still alive!! . . . . . .and then you go and put a flat screen TV on the wall...... was it "vintage"??
  18. protour73

    I ran into stacks and stacks of old playboys

    Nobody GIVES anything away these days!!! After Doug does a full editorial check on every single issue, ;) :p look on eBay and or CraigsList to see what they may be worth.
  19. protour73

    1932 Ford roadster...what's it worth?

    Great purchase John!!..................leave the matte black!! I love it!! ;)

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