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  1. sparkyboy

    Electric Bicycle Choice

    I don’t know how many of these bikes they actually made, but back in 2017 I was shopping for my brothers Christmas present but I went into gebhart motors in boulder, co because he likes bmws like an idiot, but they had an electric assist mountain bike that would hit nearly 40 mph. It was a full...
  2. sparkyboy

    Colorado Forum

    @Jerry73Z28 How long has it been since you started your resto? Don't feel guilty about letting the old girl sit for a bit while you enjoy a little r and r, or whatever you feel like doing even if it's restoring another car! It's been a little over a year on mine, I kinda hit a plateau with...
  3. sparkyboy

    ‘78 Camaro at Wrench a Part in Austin Texas

    Poor girl I wonder if she's really a z? Second gens are a rare sight here in CO junkyards, the ones you do see are often abandoned resto projects and/or spent their golden years sitting in a field. So things like bumpers, wheels/suspension, or glass are usually the only good parts. Rusty panels...
  4. sparkyboy

    Lame car jokes....

    Confucious say: Man who run after car become exhausted
  5. sparkyboy

    Mach-E Reveal

    Current Mustang = retro designed muscle car Mach e = capsule Both designs are stale at this point for me
  6. sparkyboy

    19 years ago today!!!!

    Where does the time go? I joined this forum when I was just a kid! 16 to be exact. Back in 2000 I joined, but I started another user name a few years ago. This forum has to be one of the coolest around. The guys here seem to just say whatever they want and even if someone completely disagrees...
  7. sparkyboy

    Colorado Forum

    Hey there fellas! Seems like everyone here is doing well. Reading through some of these posts, business as usual eh? You guys been loving the cold and snow lately like me? It's interesting seeing what other cars guys here build/drive/love. I love old subarus and my bro loves old bmws. He has an...
  8. sparkyboy

    Transmission choices

    Dam there went your perfect excuse for that manny trans swap!
  9. sparkyboy

    2020 Mid-Engine Corvette?

    I remember a hot rod article with the story about how the corvette was almost axed before the gorgeous mid years, so zora and some dudes from hot rod magazine entered some corvettes into some le mans races and murdered the porsches. The c4 got banned from scca (I think) after one year 28-0...
  10. sparkyboy

    2020 Mid-Engine Corvette?

    I am in love with the mere thought of a mid engined vette, but it's gonna be a reality with a pushrod v8? Oh yea...I haven't been to the new car show in over a decade, but I'm going this year, I gotta see this thing in person! I wish it were our little family resto business providing this, but...
  11. sparkyboy

    factory auto floor shifter parts - free

    I found this at the junkyard. Pay for the ride and it's all yours. I also have a 73 lower front valance, non rs with the two vertical bars that I would love to trade for a factory 74-77 lower front valance. Cheers boys!
  12. sparkyboy

    Colorado Forum

    @asphaltburner Yo Todd, there are some fiat basket weaves at my local jy Beautiful! PayPal like $200, these fools charge $10 each to remove tires and like $40 each for 13" steel. I'm going today let me know I might be able to front the money if you love them!
  13. sparkyboy

    1st Car show this year.

    Can you describe the mods to the firewall to make it that pretty?
  14. sparkyboy

    Dishonest...CL buyer

    I've seen this before. Some mouth breathers cable doesn't fit so they put a screw in there. CL is full of dirtbags, it seems to be dying since they have no personals anymore lol! Charging $5 for some ads you would think would clean up the riff raff, but some people's kids man... Cheers man use...
  15. sparkyboy

    New ride, not a 2nd... and a life update.

    Hell yea man cheers that sh!t seems to be going your way. Having kids in college is one of the proudest moments for a dad, my pops told me himself when i got accepted to the university of CO to study engineering. And gorgeous damn camaro, that lingenfelter engine is sick made, what level of hp...
  16. sparkyboy

    Crash testing in Sweden

    Damn, smashing that dodge sprinter, sorry "rv" was brutal! I am the proud owner of a 1978 tec rv on the chevy g30 chassis. Dually with gasoline 350 on the rv cam. Red blooded America man sh!t Her name is noodle and i have her teed up in the backyard on jackstands and awning down for true...
  17. sparkyboy

    I totally get why my grandpa stuck to watching old westerns now....

    This comment made me listen to the cause by nofx I listen to this album daily and when i am working on one of my metal girls i subtly change the lyrics to "the cars, we're just doing it for cars" Watch "The Cause - NOFX - Punk in Drublic" on YouTube I love how only one of those guys...
  18. sparkyboy

    My niece has NO FEAR

    Cute!!! Think she'll be as fearless keeping the throttle twisted? Might be the perfect age for a 50 cc dirt bike! I have a pocket bike i plan on selling at cars and coffee to some lucky kid, $100. I was gonna give this bike to my buddys kid, but he is spoiled somehow, he didnt like the old girl!
  19. sparkyboy

    Life goes so fast....

    Hahaha! My mom came over for mothers day and i showed her that. Funny as hell!
  20. sparkyboy

    Daily Driver Paint Question

    If you can find a piece of 100% wool, that is the most effective for removing fine scratches on a clear coat. Unfortunately they are hard to find since they stopped making them for buffers before the clear coat was used on cars. I use an old hat but there are few things better than wool. Its...

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