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  1. Orange71

    Lower door panel help needed

    Correct orientation of the panels
  2. Orange71

    71 Front Wiring Harness Help

    1st pic - looks to be the horn relay connections. A little different than mine but I still have the external VR. See here for pics - 2nd pic - There should be a junction block mounted behind the battery for that connection 3rd pic - IDK...
  3. Orange71

    Seat Hinge Cover

    Yes, you'll need 2 sets
  4. Orange71

    Exhaust for 71 Z28 wit Hooker LT headers

    I did a write-up on my install of the Pypes system in my progress thread beginning on page 13 - Long story short - great stainless steel kit for the money
  5. Orange71

    valve cover breathers

    Thanks Mark!
  6. Orange71

    valve cover breathers

    Where did you get the hollow PCV valve?
  7. Orange71

    Fuel boiling over into carb

    I've always had good luck with this -
  8. Orange71

    Calling all owners of Moog 5610 springs in front!

    Moog 5610 about 1000 miles after install: Was too high for me so I cut 1/2 coil off:
  9. Orange71

    Post a *PIC* of your latest purchase...

    Clay, that looks the same as the "Jobsmart" one I bought from TSC. I mounted mine to the ceiling and it's been awesome in my shop. Edit - added pic
  10. Orange71

    stripes on L88 Hood

    This is what I sent you in your PM. I added it here to give others a look should they search the same thing. Measurements are of the hood only: Back width - 16.25" Front width - 11.25" Gap width - 6" Tip - when you lay the outer edge out start from the back and make sure the tape line follows...
  11. Orange71

    Range active fuel management?

    I have the Range device on my '13 Silverado. All 8 cylinders working all the slackers! Installed at about 5000 miles. Has 25,000 miles now and no oil loss through 5000 mile oil change intervals.
  12. Orange71

    Post a *PIC* of your latest purchase...

    A few recent surgeries have taken a bit of strength but not my desire to get in the woods. A little late ordering for opening day but this should do it!
  13. Orange71

    Won best of show at today's car show

    Very :cool:
  14. Orange71

    What valve covers??

    These Ansen covers re-packaged as Summit brand are awesome -
  15. Orange71

    Holley Sight Glass

    Same here. The site glass is much different diameter (larger) than the screw type site hole. This is what Patrick recommended the carb he built for me.
  16. Orange71

    Steering Wheels
  17. Orange71

    clutch pedal height

    That seems to be normal for power brake cars. With manual brakes the brake pedal is higher & about even with the brake pedal.
  18. Orange71

    Just showing was a good weekend!

    Looks and sounds great! :cool:
  19. Orange71

    Visited My Car At The Paint Penatentry

    Awesome! :cool:
  20. Orange71

    My 1971 LS Swapped Pro-Touring Project

    Real nice!! :cool:

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