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    This is busting me up.

    I like the 70 caprice hardtop on the left best!,maybe BB powered?Later Steve!!
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    Nice FedEx

    Well,I held my nose and bought a pair of complete struts for the old town/country from rock auto [I know] anyway fed ex delivered them,one kinda still in the rock auto box all tore up,other the in the "factory box" the strut comes in with and part of the rock auto box taped to it with the...
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    Putting down furry friends doesn’t get any easier

    So sorry for your loss,those little guys somehow reach a part our hearts that humans can't.He's in kitty heaven for sure -hang in there wifey and I are thinking of you/your family-SAD-Steve
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    New pack member is home.

    What a cutie!! If they could stay that size forever [without the whining chewing potty training etc LOL!!!] He will love his forever home I'm sure!! Later Steve!!
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    About 10 years ago a home depot parking lot laborer/painter was spied painting a locally owned Kwikie Mart using the US flag as a tarp! Made the news a few days the excuses were ludicrous-"It wasn't being used as a tarp,he was just standing on it" -HUH???Today he'd probably make the news for...
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    Nice FedEx

    At least you weren't dealing with Rock Auto's customer service LOL!!! I'd rather be waterboarded! Happens ALL the time at my work,Item is shipped to us in bricks of 6-Warehouse too lazy to open bricks,so pickers grab a brick as 1 item even though labeled in 1 inch letters QTY 6 and send them...
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    What’s the EBay Secret?

    Also IF you find something, put it on your watch list as you may not find it again using the EXACT search criteria later-has happened to me many times.Also putting things on your watch list many times solicits an offer or discount from the seller,just happened to me watched something and 12...
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    Some dogs are more than mutts

    Man,SOOO sorry for that news,wifey and I will have him our "doggie prayers"-quite a few friends have been getting sad news with their pets recently so we'll add him to our list.-Maybe some great soft food will help the pain of the kibble? Ours LOVE canned cat food-strange-best wishes Steve+Crystal.
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    Personalized Plates

    Lady around here couldn't get "honey" so put in for "B POOP"! she had it for years [I saw it many times and chuckled] then someone at DMV was tasked with going thru the personal plates file for "inappropriate" plates and there were a bunch of them including her's I guess.Was a news story about...
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    Some dogs are more than mutts

    Amen,Amen,Amen-Later Steve!!
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    Have you guys ever used the 'La's Totally Awesome Cleaner"

    That stuff is GREAT,I've used it for years-use it for spot cleaning on laundry,and just about everything in the shop,most people don't read the instructions-its meant to be dilluted so a quart lasts a long time,Was a dolllar a quart at dollar tree last time I bought it but have also seen it at a...
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    Man, once a spammer targets you...

    My Pop really turned into a jerk to my older brother in his old age-nasty mean hateful mental crap,My brother had cancer and dad says "serves ya" now my brother IS a punk but not to family.Anyway I still talked to Pop and he starts telling me about all the telemarketers and insurance salesman...
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    Golden Corral steak, must be really good

    This made me think of the Gerald Rivera show-Someone PLEASE post the clip of him getting that chair shot :) Later Steve!!
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    Got the Covid

    After having the bug isn't amazing how good it feels to feel good!been almost 2 months since getting it and a month and a change to going back to work and am finally not having any real side effects! it just takes time-Good luck and glad to hear the good news! Steve!
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    Golden Corral steak, must be really good

    The closest GC to us had to enact a policy of not pushing the tables together to limit the party size due to Brawls just caused by groups not getting along :eek: Funny thing is the rowdys are from the inner city where its not "safe" to dine out.Twice the riot squad was called,once firearms were...
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    Bad jokes..... NWS

    I still see the one on the right as a lamp thanks to wifey but I MUCH prefer the pic on the left anyway :D Later Steve!!
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    Bad jokes..... NWS

    ^^^^^ ANOTHER one the wife does not see,she said its a lamp and had to show ME!! Now I see only a lamp :mad: Later Steve!!
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    Its the packer/Rodgers fault!! LOL

    Well,Mr Superfan did not show up yesterday [small wonder] Still nursing a hangover?? Wifey commented I'm sure its not his first,well she's right per his wiring partner,says he has a couple already :rolleyes:,Wonder if he's in the clink and they gave him more than 1 call?? Anyway My wiring...
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    Its the packer/Rodgers fault!! LOL

    I signed up to work this morning [3x time:eek:] you have to sign up AND show up or you get points from HR,any way one of my co-workers didn't show up,called in at 3 A.M.,got popped for a D.U.I. :eek: His rambling message blamed the $#%&@#$ Packers and Rodgers for losing and causing him to get a...
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    Went Shopping With the Wife

    I only needs Camaro spelled Camero to be complete :crazy: 74 guys should like the car getting respect though! Later Steve!!

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