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    Looking for the best Rebuild book for an 81 Z28

    THEE best manuals for GM are the Helm manuals! When I bought my 64 Chevy II in 1970, I bought the Helm manuals for it and still have it. It contains "everything you didn't know about a 64 Chevy II Nova" in it! The Helm manuals are not cheap BUT if you want a REAL manual, they are the best...
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    Breaking rocker arm studs

    I have many questions! 1. Did you degree the cam in? 2. Did you zero the harmonic balancer zero to the zero of the timing tab with the #1 piston at TDC? 3. Did you install a timing tape around the harmonic balancer so that you could them adjust the valves without the engine running at 0...
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    McDonnell Douglas F4 Phantom

    When I was in the Navy in VAQ-33, we had the only EF-4B Phantom II aircraft. E being electronics warfare. My MOS was for the Phantom II. GD-9 was a pretty aircraft that had a gloss epoxy paint job.
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    Car Lift

    I bought a 10,000# two post lift and installed it myself. I have 10' high ceilings BUT I had my contractor modify the trusses so the lift can go to full height. First picture is before I had the trusses modified. Second picture is the day they finished modifying the trusses. So now instead...
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    Insane engine carnage

    I've seen worse! 283 in a dirt stock car. Solid lifter cam and the 283 is buzzing 8000 rpms down the front straightaway when it lets loose! Broke the crank, bent or broke all the rods, bent valves, all the pushrods bent and shot pushrods out up through the valve covers, broke the cam, and...
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    New Standard height Adjust-A-Covers

    To all: I've been in and out of the hospital six times last year alone (to times with COVID and four times heart attacks/angina all last year and a couple of times this year. The Moderna booster shot almost killed me (liver and kidneys failure and a-fib = my heart rate was going from 30 to 180...
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    283 Crankshaft

    The ad says that it is a cast crank which is not desirable. It also states that it fits "63 to 67 283" which it doesn't because those years of 283's are small journal (NOT large journal). It might fit a large journal block such as a 307 or 350. IMHO, that crank isn't worth a dime. AND there...
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    Bronze tipped pushrod. Check regularly.

    Jeeze, I didn't know that a stock fuel pump pushrod didn't work. You mean to tell me that GAZILLIONS of stock fuel pump pushrods are not good! Good grief Charley Brown, that's all I've ever used is a stock out of the box GM fuel pump pushrod. As for assembly lube, sorry, I'm stuck on Isky...
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    another 2pc RMS diagnostics

    Stock oil pump pressure has NEVER been an issue with a SBC or for that matter a BBC. Volume can be an issue if it pumps too much oil to the top of the engine starving the oil pump pickup in the pan. I went through the "have to have a high volume high pressure oil pump for a 302 SBC I built in...
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    PF 25 oil filter

    I use Purolator or Wix if I can't find OEM GM filters. As for Fram, a friend of mine owns a 67 High Perf 289 Mustang. Put a Fram on it and no oil pressure. His dad who had been a mechanic for decades said, (and I quote), "Get that POS Fram filter off of it. Go to the auto parts store and...
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    downpipes for stock manifolds

    Have a local muffler shop fabricate them for you.
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    Setting a Chevy distributor up

    I have a LONG straight blade (- as opposed to +) screwdriver (that belonged to my dad who passed away in 1994) that reaches down into the block so that I can align the oil pump to the distributor. AND I have an old distributor that I cut the teeth off the gear that I made into an oil priming...
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    Rocker adjustment on a SBC engine that has been run.

    Go to the link below and you'll see that I sell special valve covers I call Adjust-A-Cover for adjusting hydraulic lifters on a SBC. They are [email protected] plus shipping and come with 8 knockout plugs and directions. I have been adjusting SBC since 1969 and have NEVER had a cam failure by using this...
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    Low engine vacuum?

    Two things come to mind. One is float height and drop! Edelbrock carbs are NOTORIOUS for being shipped with incorrect float height and drop! Go to the Edelbrock website and get the float height and drop. They have directions on how to set them. And there's always YouTube! Having said...
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    72 350ss engine

    I cannot add to pooch400's post as it is right on. Air in = air out which means carb, intake heads, headers, and dual exhaust all coupled with a good quality DEGREED in cam PLUS a good spark source (HEI with good wires).
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    New Standard height Adjust-A-Covers

    I emailed you a few minutes ago.
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    Speedometer gears Turbo 350 automatic transmission

    TRUST ME! This is a confusing process unless you've watched someone do the calculations OR (as in my case) got a ticket in 1978 with my '68 Camaro and HAD TO learn how to do it to prevent a $150 speeding ticket and marks on my license! I know it works because I've used it on dozens of my and...
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    Speedometer gears Turbo 350 automatic transmission

    From a post where the member was CONFUSED with the chart and how to use it. calc says 15,43. need wide clip drive gear. Hope you can help. and I was lost for a moment. Here's where you are confused and don't feel alone because most people are confused by the process of getting the transmission...
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    Speedometer gears Turbo 350 automatic transmission

    Do an advanced search here with the subject being "Speedometer" and the author being "Cardinal". Find the subject tilte "Can someone make a "sticky" on speedometer gear calculations". That post will educate you on how to calibrate your speedometer. What it boils down to is this: 1. You have to...
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    Oil Leak Brass Fitting from HELL

    I had a "puke burp" when I saw how the casting is broken! What a mess! That most surely is a piss poor casting! The iron is not fused together and looks "crudy". The NPT threads are shallow = they must have used the dullest NPT tap they had to form the threads!. You might find someone who...

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