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    Fender bowing out

    The fender/door gap is funny on our cars because of the compound curves of that area. One thing that greatly effects the area you are having issues with is the FRONT bolt hole on the lower fender. It is amazing how moving the fender in or out as well as up and down at that area can "steer" the...
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    Vin vs Trim Tag build date

    I have never seen that big of a discrepancy. I doubt that both tags were born on the same car. One other thing might be to look at the body number on the trim tag but there isn't much to reference on. If I were buying the car this would be a red flag for me.
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    R.I.P "HER77"

    So sorry for your loss. :(
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    1970 Z ? Engine is.. Car not?

    Is the 528xxx VIN sequence a little early for an 06B build date?
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    Possible 69 Camaro z/28 help

    The X codes were only on Norwood built cars and weren't used at all early in the production run. I think late December was the first X codes.
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    Coolant leak between head and block

    When I bought my GMPP aluminum big block heads they came with instructions to use GM stop leak additive in the cooling system. Apparently it is a common problem. BTW,my GM heads were made by Edelbrock.
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    396 BBC Filter Adapter

    The kit that uses the Ford filter is what I use on my 1966 427. There is no bypass provision on the early blocks,all the oil goes thru the filter. I eliminate the bypass on all my performance engines anyway.
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    VIN and Trim Tag Confusion

    I saw that car and noticed the tag differences. I think the body number on the trim tag was low which doesn't jive with the April tag date. It is weird that the VIN and body number on the tag match up but not the date. The only thing I can think of is that it was a 1972 body or something. The...
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    Unusual VIN? 1970 Camaro SS

    Actually the car was built in the US and shipped to another country in pieces. It was assembled locally and is a 1970 Camaro. GM did it to avoid taxes and tariffs. Sometimes parts were sourced locally such as tires and even engines from a car brand that is made in that country. The trim tag...
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    Unusual VIN? 1970 Camaro SS

    Actually knock down kit cars didn't always have all the parts that an American built Camaro has. Sometimes parts were sourced locally,some such things could be as minor as wheels and tires or as major as engines and transmissions. They did it to avoid tariffs and taxes.
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    Who invented the 383 SBC stroker?

    I think Jenkins makes mention of it in the first edition of his engine book which goes back to the late 70's. He mentions of knowing about it and it probably being good for a street engine. I think that attributing it to Joe Sherman might mean more along the lines of that he was one of the first...
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    Merger- Thoughts?

    The GM/Ford merger has been going on for close to 60 years. It started with small block Chevys being dropped into Model A's and continues with LS into Fox Stang swaps. LOL.
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    70 camaro is this a true non factory built camaro?

    Actually L-78 couldn't get air in 1970 either and 1971 and 72 Z's couldn't get air either.
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    70 camaro is this a true non factory built camaro?

    Your car had factory a/c,someone just ripped the suitcase out from under the hood. You need the kit for an a/c car.
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    1970 z28 and air conditioning

    Most of the reason GM didn't put air on them is because the lifters were supposed to be adjusted every year and a/c compressor made that too difficult to do without discharging the system.
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    400 SBC in 4/5th gen

    The distributor will be the biggest problem. I don't know about on a 5th gen but on a 4th gen it is a no go.
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    Rear End score! Now how to proceed...

    Also buy new housing ends or at least make sure yours are the Ford "big bearing" design. It will be easier to find brakes and fit in large axles.
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    Edelbrock Estreet SBC heads # 5089 FLOW numbers stock and "blended"

    You should have flowed both configurations on your own bench. Manufacturers can be very optimistic about their flow numbers.
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    Big Block Chevy Intake Manifold tech

    Francesco,it might not be oil. If the carb is dripping gas it could be fuel. I have a friend who went nuts changing things on his roots blown engine looking for an oil leak only to find out that fuel was weeping thru the gasket under the blower and once it got on the intake it would attract dirt...
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    DRAG reduction

    How far into the 9's? A good 9.90 run is about 135,9.60 is usually about 140 and 9.30's is usually about 145. There are plenty of things that could make your car mph slow for the e.t. As long as it isn't over geared or nosing over before the finish line I wouldn't worry about it.

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