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  1. 70RamAirIII

    70 M22 dates

    Sorry for being late here, but I feel it important to mention one thing I have learned recently when looking into date codes and assembly at the Norwood plant (I have a 1970 Norwood built Firebird). It was typical that crated engine (ect) assemblies were unloaded at the factory, then when the...
  2. 70RamAirIII

    WTB original 70 Z28 Muncie shifter handle

    That is a factory "chrome stick" shifter arm; The Factory Hurst shifter mechanism is shared between Camaros and Firebirds, but is more common on the Firebird (I believe that Javelins also used the same shifter mechanism). I believe that Allison is looking specifically for the chrome stick that...
  3. 70RamAirIII

    Found this broadcast sheet in my old shop manual someone need it?

    I believe you are mistaken; The last image appears to be a registration sheet of some sort; Those documents are for a 1970 Camaro order number 344581 The build sheet shows that order number 344581 has been assigned to a Camro with the vin number of 567388
  4. 70RamAirIII

    Found this broadcast sheet in my old shop manual someone need it?

    that is so incredibly cool. I am sending a PM.
  5. 70RamAirIII

    Has anyone compared sill plates?

    so back to the original question; is everyone currently fixated on the presence or absence of rivets? i would like to know if anyone has compared the different ones (as in ones that DIDN'T come in a GM box)? If some of them are lighter gauge, I'd prefer to stay away from those. I agree that...
  6. 70RamAirIII

    Has anyone compared sill plates?

    Unless I am mistaken, I have seen silver and black rivets too.
  7. 70RamAirIII

    Has anyone compared sill plates?

    I am looking to add some items to an order from a vendor (so that I get free shipping!), and one of the easy things to add are sill plates; I have never bought new sill plates for my car - I always made due with banged up originals that I found in the scrapyard, and worn hinges meant that they...
  8. 70RamAirIII

    1973 Camaro Type LT RS Z28 Project

    congrats on finding a year correct drivetrain!
  9. 70RamAirIII

    Tired of fixing sub frame mounting holes!

    that looks great, if you were local, I'd ask really nicely to borrow those...
  10. 70RamAirIII

    Windshield wiper motor. I am so confused

    the concealed wipers have additional armature(?), where as the non-concealed are just a single arm; The non-concealed used a pretty standard fare motor that was shared with the 67-72 GM trucks - I learned this when I was doing repairs to my wipers twenty or so years ago. The concealed motor...
  11. 70RamAirIII

    1970 - 1974 Camaro Seat Track Covers NOW AVAILABLE

    I have three or more that I won't be using - they're not perfect, but these days that just called "patina" right? lol
  12. 70RamAirIII

    Shifter Knob

    To the best of my knowledge, the Camaros when equipped with an ITM four speed shifter, always had a "lift" for reverse shifter. This was a condition of the shifter mechanism, not the transmission. The Camaro four speed shifter ball I have here is a Lift & up pattern.
  13. 70RamAirIII

    Correct 1970 Camaro Z28 Tires?

    I have read that the original equipment tire was based on what was approved, and what was available at the time the car was built. I don't have a Camaro assembly manual - but I have the Firebird one (built on the same plant, so odds are the same tries were used in spite of the different rims)...
  14. 70RamAirIII

    Best brand ring and pinion gears

    I have read that most have best luck with GM parts. I have personal experience with Richmond, but the last set I installed (wow I can't believe it's been) twenty years ago now... In my opinion, post #7 concerns to me... but maybe it's unwarranted.
  15. 70RamAirIII

    Side View Mirror Glass Date Code/Manufacture

    I believe this was suggested to me elsewhere; IIRC they offer first gen dated mirrors, not second gen stuff.
  16. 70RamAirIII

    Side View Mirror Glass Date Code/Manufacture

    I wish! It took me a long time, and a good amount of luck to score what I did. What side/type/dates are you looking for? As an example; I was looking for a passenger side mirror; For a "bullet" style mirror; Dated before June 1970 (my car is a 06A car). I'm guessing members here can help.
  17. 70RamAirIII

    1973 Camaro Type LT RS Z28 Project

    thanks for the info and link - I will read it. I only have a couple camaro books - the first one was that red hard (yet puffy) cover one put out by consumers guide back in the early 1990's - but I don't recall it clarifying this point. EDIT: Interesting; So the Camaro for 1973 was only one of...
  18. 70RamAirIII

    74Z at local car show, no stripe

    wow!! Fourth week of August!! That is indeed a late build car! - I am surprised they were building them that late!
  19. 70RamAirIII

    Carb question

    In the past I probably would have just blurted out, but these days I earnestly try to be nice; Have you bought the edelbrock carb yet? If you haven't, I'd encourage you to read this discussion (it's on a Pontiac forum, but completely relevant to your query): Edelbrock Carb, poor quality control?
  20. 70RamAirIII

    Repair Drivers Side brake line.

    Unless I am mistaken what you called braided is actually sometimes reffered to as armour; I believe you are referring to the rear axle lines that connect to the main line and go the the brake cylinders. I don't know if you intended it, but it reads like you were upsold on stainless (the "S"...

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