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    Breaking rocker arm studs

    Is the slot in the rocker long enough? Is the edge marked in red hitting the stud? A longer push rod will decrease this clearance.
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    283 Crankshaft

    If I would have flipped the page in the bearing catalog. I would have seen the casting number again. This time it relates to line 48. Also the guy changed his ad and no longer claims it as a large journal. I'll add some screen shots here for when the ebay ad disapers.
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    283 Crankshaft

    Thats a good point. The casting date F174 also brings up more questions. No 302's in 1964 or 1974. The keyway is not conventional as well.
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    283 Crankshaft

    A 302 crank would be forged. The one on ebay is cast.
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    283 Crankshaft

    Small journal
  6. 1320feet

    283 Crankshaft

    From wiki The L99 4.3 L (263.1 cu in; 4,311 cc) V8, produced from 1994–1996, shared a 3.736 in (94.9 mm) cylinder bore with the 305 cu in (5.0 L) but had a 3 in (76.2 mm) stroke compared to 3.48 in (88.4 mm) of the 305 cu in (5.0 L).[41] The pistons used in the 4.3 L V8 were the same as the...
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    Hooker Header comparison 2117 vs 7528

    They fit like a glove after I removed these 2 braces (pictured below). They are within 1/4" of the floor. I have 1/8 clearance to the brake line that 1980RS mentioned. Let the right header hang on 2 bolts and poped the starter in with ease.
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    283 Crankshaft

    I think my source is a bit more reliable than mortec.
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    283 Crankshaft

    It is a large journal 3.00 stroke cast crank for sure. It was used in 265's from 1994 -1996 according to my Clevite bearing catalog. Not sure what they used 265's for.
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    Hooker Header comparison 2117 vs 7528

    Thanks for the good news. I got these used 2117 tubes on the cheap.
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    Hooker Header comparison 2117 vs 7528

    I have header # 2117 and the catalog lists it for 70-74. The catalog lists 7528 for 75-81. Has anyone installed the 2117 on a 75-81? As my lump is a 79.
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    Upper Dash Panel Replacement

    The VIN is stamped in other places on the car. I'm not to worried about useing the wrong rivets. I found a VIN stamped on the firewall behind the heater box.
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    Trunk lid quality?

    Are any of the after market lids worth purchasing? Or should I be looking for an original one?
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    could use some help on picking a set of headers

    Did you remember the 4/7 swap cam with the plug wires?
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    Another option is to drill and tap the intake flange of the Vortec head to except the early intake manifolds. We were doing this in the late 90's before anyone started producing manifolds for the Vortec.
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    Camaros 78-81 wiring diagram

    Thank you David. Downloaded and placed in my Camaro folder.
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    Engine Dying Repeatedly

    Put some kind of clamp on the rubber fuel line to shut fuel off. If it starts and runs fine, let it run until it starts to run out of fuel. Then release the clamp quickly. This well most of the time flush debris from the needle and seat.
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    What to do... SBC vs LS ideas

    How many sensors on an injected engine? Any one of them fails and your walking. I carry a spare points distrubutor and a mechaical fuel pump in the trunk with some basic hand tools. I have never walked home with a carburetorated gen 1. Just sayin.
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    Plumbing a fuel system - problems!

    What you have is perfect. I wouldn't buy the $60.00 check if I already had your Holley regulator. I like the straight inline look. The check also has AN ends and eliminates 2 fittings.

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