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  1. Mr Sunshine

    Motor mount replacement

    Thanks for the replies, it helps to get experienced feedback!
  2. Mr Sunshine

    Motor mount replacement

    I have reconditioned my clam shell plates for my 78 Z28 and putting in the Energy Suspension poly mounts. The directions supplied are not very clear which way these go. I think I have it correct, but would like other opinions to validate since I don't want to take these back off after I have...
  3. Mr Sunshine

    Who makes decent rattle can paint nowadays???

    I've been using Eastwood paints and all seem to be very good. Really like the rust encapsolator paint. It's not cheap so be prepared to pay $22 per can. It is the larger can though.
  4. Mr Sunshine

    After Market Control Arms

    I have purchased CPP (Custom Performance Products) upper and lower control arms. I know they are not at the top of the list with DSE and a few others, but I can tell you that the fabrication quality is very good. I've been in tubular/sheet metal fabrication my entire career so I know some about...
  5. Mr Sunshine

    Question about rebuilding my 10 bolt

    Thanks big gear head for clarifying it's the axle not the c-clip. I'll admit I'm not a drag racer and I have not actually seen an axle break. Is there a usual place that it breaks on the axle, or is it random? Just trying to get a better idea of where the week link is on a standard 10-bolt.
  6. Mr Sunshine

    Question about rebuilding my 10 bolt

    I know c-clips have a history of failing under a heavy load, but the the Eaton Truetrac has a pretty good design to keep them in place with the solid puck and snap ring. I don't know how much they've been tested or proven out, but this is from Super Chevy September 2018 in an article about...
  7. Mr Sunshine

    Question about rebuilding my 10 bolt

    I also put in the Eaton Trutrac diff and Moser 30 spline axles so that's a good choice imo.
  8. Mr Sunshine

    rebuild 350 sbc to Hyd. Roller or upgrade to 383 stroker?

    Based on your street driving at 3k-5k rpm I would vote for the 383 stroker. I just had one built and if I remember correctly I think it was an additional $255. My total cost was $5740 as you see it here.
  9. Mr Sunshine

    Off Car Door Rack

    I made a door buck (as I call it) out of scrap wood to assist me in taking the door off and on by myself. But it also sits nicely on the floor where I removed all the components to clean and paint it. I suppose you could just sit it on something if you want it higher.
  10. Mr Sunshine

    Question about rebuilding my 10 bolt

    Don't just hope they know what they are doing, ask how they intend to do the weld process. They should be able to explain the process in detail. Keep in mind that when applying this much weld the tubes will almost certainly move which means they will no longer be parallel and will need to be...
  11. Mr Sunshine

    Stripped Screw Hole Fix?

    The 2 best ways to fix the issue IMO: 1. Rivnuts. I've used them in my career, but never my car, but I can see how they could work in this scenario. And they make a low profile version for low clearance areas. 2. Weld the hole. I know you already said you don't want to do this and I get it if...
  12. Mr Sunshine

    Rear seat belt bump modification

    Just thought I would share what I've done to get a wider rear tire on my 78. I want the widest tire I can get without doing mini-tubs. And since I'm doing a full restoration I didn't want to just hammer/flatten the seat belt bump. When searching for what others have done I found that they were...
  13. Mr Sunshine

    Subframe connectors, solid or flex

    Anytime you unbolt (to change bushings) or remove your subframe you will need to make sure it is square before you torque it back down. I just recently reinstalled my subframe and then added weld-in frame connectors and solid bushings. I squared my subframe by doing the following: To get you...
  14. Mr Sunshine

    Leather seat covers

    Thanks Twisted_Metal, I checked Lseat out and the price is reasonable, but I agree that they are not a match to the original 78 Camaro pattern. At least it is an option. I'm also searching local sources and have 1-quote so far.
  15. Mr Sunshine

    Leather seat covers

    Does anyone know where I can buy leather seat covers for my 78? Wanting basically same as stock, but leather material.
  16. Mr Sunshine

    Does numbers matching really "matter"?

    The VIN would not be stamped on the block in 1981.
  17. Mr Sunshine

    Does numbers matching really "matter"?

    You have to compare apples to apples. Comparing 2 cars that are basically the same (condition, motor type etc.) one being numbers matching, the other not, the numbers matching would almost certainly be worth more. But having a numbers matching car doesn't mean that is has a high value. I have...
  18. Mr Sunshine

    Looking for 8.5" 10 bolt rear end differential rebuild options

    OK so I decided to repair the existing plugwelds holding the axle tubes in the rear housing because they had noticeable pin holes and the weld was not completely sealed around the edge on a few. As soon as I hit them with the Tig torch at 165 amps they opened up showing a lot of porosity within...
  19. Mr Sunshine

    Looking for 8.5" 10 bolt rear end differential rebuild options

    Thanks for the link, that's a really good process shown. I have a little experience with nickel welding and a lot with Tig. My main concern is with keeping the axle straight. Have you ever had issues with the axle warping or loosing straightness? Or do you plan to straighten after the weld process?

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