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  1. Bikefixr

    Breaking rocker arm studs

    VORTEC heads have real issues with the retainer hitting the top of the stud boss. Some tolerate a little extra lift, some don't. Past .410, you're taking chances. This really looks like coil bind to me. The coil bound, the valve could go no deeper, and the cam forced the rocker down. It can only...
  2. Bikefixr

    Need a new posi unit

    Good deal. But I'm covered. I have a few 12-Bolts sitting around.
  3. Bikefixr

    Car stereos, whos stuff is decent these days?

    I did this for a living back in the day. I still dabble as a hobby and keep abreast of what's changing. So here's my 2c worth. The market is FLOODED with brands that exist only in legal papers. They buy faceless components out of China and hang their name on it. Some do it better than others...
  4. Bikefixr


    It definitely affects us. We're OK. We're not pinching pennies, but we do look at things more closely and go through the 'need' vs 'would like' routine. We don't eat out as much. When I changed jobs (Nurse) distance was the #1 priority. My new commute is just 3 days a week vs 5, and 22 mile...
  5. Bikefixr

    Defaced trim tag

    All you really know is that the defacement was 1) done prior to the tag going on the car, so the factory did it for some reason. 2) Someone went to the effort of removing the tag, defacing it, then reattaching it. This begs the question...why? If someone just wanted to remove the Z28, why not...
  6. Bikefixr

    WTB: Holley 125-208 Dual Stage Power Valve.

    Anyone holding? 125-208 or a 125-206 2-stage valve needed.
  7. Bikefixr

    Cylinder head consistency

    Extrude honing is an excellent tool, but it's VERY expensive and likely not on the table for someone looking at off-the shelf heads. He could swap the head and get one that is even farther off.
  8. Bikefixr

    GT500KR & a R Code 428 Super Cobra Jet Stangs

    I know of a yellow KR500 Convertible sitting in a garage in NJ. Hasn't moved in decades. // I'm in 'negotiations' to get a '66 Shelby GT350. I have the engine and trans, authenticated and freshly rebuilt. Bought them for $3400 from the place that did the rebuilds. Customer brought them in 15+...
  9. Bikefixr

    Tree Sap Remover

    I have a bottle of REALLY horrible Scotch that isn't good for anything but removing tar splatter and tree sap. I'll be happy to donate it!
  10. Bikefixr

    Cylinder head consistency

    WAAAY over thinkng this. When a company advertises a 185's an average, a very close approximation. If you knew how small a few cc's really is. Designers change port shape and volume to get desired flow. The intake can significantly change the flow port to port. SBC's have 2 cylinders...
  11. Bikefixr

    Engine idles better with vacuum leak?

    The idle speed went up because you idle mixture is very fuel-rich. So adding air by any means makes the final mixture more correct and increasing the idle speed. The engine doesn;t care where the extra air comes from. An air leak is no different that opening the throttle blades a little...
  12. Bikefixr

    What do I need to do to to strengthen the axle on my 1972 Camaro Z28?

    Look for a 12 Bolt rear or a FORD 9". The 10 bolts can be made to last, but the $ involved makes it worthwhile to just get a better rear right from the start,
  13. Bikefixr

    What The Fabricated? Worst DIY Car Modifications

    I am NOT going to show a pic of my old '66 Dodge pickup that had so much frame rust that it sagged and doors wouldn't close. A couple 2x4's bolted to the frame and a pair of dead-bolt latches held the door shut. Got me through the summer I needed it.
  14. Bikefixr


    Thanks to all! I'm going to order up a new set right away. (What I SHOULD be doing is putting in new springs and a clutch...) Rock Auto has the Essex w/Mass backing for $280. But there is an option: with tail or without tail? WTH does that mean?
  15. Bikefixr

    Camel hump / Dbl bump heads

    OR, you can buy a set of CNC'd Vortec to 4-Hole adapters for $60 and use old valve covers on Vortec heads and pick up a little extra clearance for taller rockers, too.
  16. Bikefixr

    Camel hump / Dbl bump heads

    I have 291's on one of my cars. They had a lot of work done to them. After 25k miles there were no noticeable issues. I do add a little lead additive to every tank.
  17. Bikefixr


    Does ANYONE make a really good quality carpet set? I'm on set #3 for my '71. It' just falls apart and gets that nasty fuzzy thing going on. Looks like crap after a season.
  18. Bikefixr

    Prices are Going Up!

    Companies are gouging, plain and simple. Raising prices for parts bought, paid for and sitting on the shelf is just profiteering. I am sick and tired of hearing "it's because of COVID". Bullshit. $75 for a sheet of plywood? Trees kept growing, there is no shortage. People just accept the lame...
  19. Bikefixr

    Aluminum Radiators????

    The Rad experts will tell you that more rows doesn't mean better heat transfer. Wide 2-rows will have more fin area and fin-tube contact than 4 tiny rows will. I went from 4row brass to a 2-row aluminum and lost more than 30-degrees with that single swap.
  20. Bikefixr

    HEI No Spark

    Seen this a coupe time: Replacing cap/rotor etc..and the rotor fails to contact the carbon center terminal. I often add a second spring in there, just twist it in, to make sure it doesn't hang up and contacts the rotor.

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