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  1. l16pilot

    1970 Camaro Z28 - Project Progress

    Car is looking great :). For door and trunk weatherstripping, I have had the best luck using Metro Soffseal and for the trunk, the hollow core seems to work best.
  2. l16pilot

    Dang cars keep following me home

    Very cool Bill....:cool:
  3. l16pilot

    I love Corsair shaped wings

    I knew Joe (RIP) and know Jim...both absolutely awesome people. Funny story about Joe. Back in the early 2000s my brother and I airbrushed a banner that said "Sponsored by Viagra" and hung it across the gear legs of the Corsair one evening at the Frederick, MD Airshow. The next morning, after...
  4. l16pilot

    Volt gauge or AMP gauge for 1974?

    Brochure states ammeter
  5. l16pilot


    I've wondered about that also Dave and on my 05C Norwood car with Z87, there is no clear tape or mask line...looks like a soft edge with partial overspray, so my guess is it varied depending on who was doing the spraying...some got it a little light. Not sure if there is a definitive date, but...
  6. l16pilot

    1971 Z28 4spd 66,000 miles 100% orig, basically untouched "barn find"

    Thanks Dave and I wasn't sure about the '71 non-console knobs. I tried zooming in, but just wasn't clear enough to be certain.
  7. l16pilot

    1971 Z28 4spd 66,000 miles 100% orig, basically untouched "barn find"

    That is very interesting and cool find. I am curious about the shifter knob...hard to tell detail from the pics, but looks like a knob that would be on the '72-up ITM shifters...but the stalk appears correct for '71 with the Hurst shifter. Would this be the correct '71 shifter knob with the...
  8. l16pilot

    70 M22 dates

    Below is another example of an August '69 built M22 being installed in an an 04A Van Nuys Camaro, so I do not think it's a Norwood thing. More likely is the August M22s were held at the transmission plant for whatever reason and shipped to Van Nuys and Norwood as demanded.
  9. l16pilot

    When did this Happen….

    I don't think it happened all of a's been a slow decay toward the "help me" mentality....sad.
  10. l16pilot

    Correct lacquer color/gloss for norwood underbody?

    As Dave noted, lighting can dramatically affect the appearance. Here's mine in booth lighting and some with various other lighting variables.
  11. l16pilot

    Correct lacquer color/gloss for norwood underbody?

    Definitely a satin. I used a section of under dash that had no UV exposure and mixed SPI epoxy red-oxide, black and flattener to match color and gloss level....but I have absolutely no clue on % gloss.
  12. l16pilot

    Correct lacquer color/gloss for norwood underbody?

    Crap...sorry, it was in your title....urgh. Personally, I do not think you'll get an accurate representation of the factory red oxide by spraying lacquer. First, the bodies were dipped and then went through at least one baking process which would re-flow the lacquer. I would suggest using a...
  13. l16pilot

    Correct lacquer color/gloss for norwood underbody?

    Ross - Van Nuys or Norwood?
  14. l16pilot

    Does anyone here know this car?

    No, the AIR system was applied to all 1970 Z28s. Looks like the window sticker, (if original), indicates it was sold new in AZ.
  15. l16pilot

    1970 L-T1 engine

    "conversation" sent
  16. l16pilot

    Emblem Restoration

    Pot metal items are difficult to get re-chromed well because any pits due to corrosion must be thoroughly cleaned and then filled, (I believe with silver solder), then recontoured before chroming. Also, just due to polishing and the chrome process, a lot of the finite detail can be lost...
  17. l16pilot

    WTB: 1970 Steering Wheel Horn Parts (see pic)

    PM (conversation) sent
  18. l16pilot

    70-73 Radiator Support Questions

    You may want to check closer.....if I recall correctly, AMD PNs with an "X" suffix indicates the item is not produced by AMD...just rebranded from someone else, so you may be paying more for the AMD name but receiving the same item that could be purchased elsewhere at a lower cost. AMD's...
  19. l16pilot

    Anyone know the correct stencil for gas tank

    Gee Dave, the format of the Armco stencil appears to be a different format than Jack's. Looks to me like the date code on Jack's tank is immediately below the "ternes" font and reads 3 25 70, which would appear to slightly predate Jack's 04B trim tag, but I cannot make out the coding on the...

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