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  1. hhott71

    last year of HHOTT71

    This is the wife, I was asked to get on respond to some post. I'm not quite sure where to send a message to everyone, but hhott71 is now totaly blind and basicly bed ridden. We have had a rough few months, he has had pneumonia and one of his lungs collapsed in April. he was then sent to a...
  2. hhott71

    last year of HHOTT71

  3. hhott71

    last year of HHOTT71

    OK for the last year or two my life has gone to hell 2 years ago I buy a 4K TV and only get to see one 4K movie. A chick flick I bet. My eyes have diminished so bad I can't see any of the lettering on TV. She took away my keys too. My vision has gotten real bad in the lat few months. What used...
  4. hhott71

    where has hhott71 been?ilots of brain problems occured but i;d be fine in the er.

    here is the scoop. i said I wouldn't be back untol that big right side banner ad was gome it looks to be gone \im april i had the doc reduce my dialysis time by :15 then shortly at
  5. hhott71

    Your Engine Specs and Data

    Weight 3100# Stock suspension Sears shoks Homemede slapper bars bolt in subframe connecters Six point roll bar Tranny 350 turbo TCI manual valve body TCI 10" Superstreet fighter w/balloon plates Engine 69 350 + 0.030" 11:1 Z/28 pistons Scat cast crank and rods CRANE Retro HYD Roller cam...
  6. hhott71

    Need Throttle Cable Suggestions.

    When my cable frated too much I ot one at the Chevy Dealer I posted the paumber on here years ago
  7. hhott71

    What happened to Nasty z ??

    As a LGM and the NO ADS Commitment made when purchasing the LGM I feel deceived. I'll check back each week, and will join in the banter when we get our full page back HEY If you added a 1" banner at the top or bottom that wouldn't hurt. But making the page narrower SUCKS.
  8. hhott71

    What happened to Nasty z ??

    NOPE!!!! If you want to put a banner ad on this site put it at the bottom of the page.
  9. hhott71

    What happened to Nasty z ??

    I certainly notice it on a 20" screen
  10. hhott71

    Using a distributor shaft as an pre-oiling tool.

    Use Lubriplate to assemble engine. it will run several minutes without additional lube. Crank fully assenbled engine with a disabled ignition, when you have oil pressure reinstall coil wire. START.
  11. hhott71

    Advancing cam w/bushings

    Been there and done that. Couldn't tell a difference driving it or in the time slip. Save your money.
  12. hhott71

    Help me pick a stereo for my work truck

    Give me a try on the Pioneer parts wanted,,,,, I get them dealer direct, I'll take my 10% and be happy. That is on the upper end stuff. Low end products there is no profit or mark up in.
  13. hhott71


    A better pic would help and a big circle drawn around the part.
  14. hhott71

    Help me pick a stereo for my work truck

    There is an up to $100 mail-in rebate on the Pioneer AVIC-5100 thru 8100 series and the SPH-DA120
  15. hhott71

    Help me pick a stereo for my work truck

    The 03 will require a $50-$150 wiring harness adapter ( depends if its a base model, Onstar, BOSe etc) NOW Go look at stereos Wattage is all the same they have plenty for most/ Look for a name brand, with Pioneer, JVC, Alpine, Kenwood etc all having Bluetooth, USB, ipod jack etc Go look...
  16. hhott71

    1972 copo???? Found this...What do you guys think?

    The AWESOME 240 HP model.....
  17. hhott71

    Damaged Aluminum Heads

    Buy a new Bare head and have a great Carnage Display head.
  18. hhott71

    Which pistons to use?

    That's the one!
  19. hhott71 Discount Code - Expires November 17th 2015

    Code extended to Feb 2016 Use Rock Auto!!
  20. hhott71

    350 from a GMC B-Series Bus

    150 hp is pushing it. It's a good motor to build. trash the stock heads and get anything American aluminum no chinese.

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