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    BBC in a 79

    Tightest spot will be valve covers and header to ac box over number 8.
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    chevy truck help - thanks

    a 160 thermostat will keep that engine in open loop all the time. Thermostats don't help or prevent overheating they just set the min temp. You need at least a 180 because the loop switch comes on at 175. Block off the egr and see if it fixes it before throwing more parts at it. I still...
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    Please help! Did i get ripped off

    My 383 we ran in the dirt car has a tiny balancer like a early 327. Pull the pan.
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    75 Circle Track Camaro

    Every year at the county fair we have cheaters night. This is what we did this year. Lapped all but 4 cars.
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    12 bolt in a drag car

    auto with a brake, was a manual. This is the first set broke with the auto.
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    12 bolt in a drag car

    to WHO?
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    12 bolt in a drag car

    its in a traction limited 3500lb camaro with 400rwhp. Richmond said it was a power break and to try on over deepen the pinion .004" And see if it helps. Seems to be underpowered compared to others here.
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    12 bolt in a drag car

    Who is running them? What times? I am on my 3rd set of ring and pinion. Could be my setup but richmond says it could be too much power.
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    Big Block headers & Intake- Who's are best???

    I did a sbc to bbc swap using the clam shells my 80 had factory. Fell right in. Had to cut one "shell" to get the headers to fit but it was outlined in the header instructions.
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    intake manifold research info:

    Its great info I just was saying. Sorry. I spent DAYS looking for a intake shorter than 3.75 at the front for a circle track class that had that limit. Thats why I know. The shortest is 3.50".
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    intake manifold research info:

    You do know there are 3 team G intakes right
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    355 new fuel pump helped but needs more still???

    This would be my bet
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    75 Circle Track Camaro

    This is our factory stock car. Simalar rules to IMCA stock car but allow a 4412, hood scoop, and spoiler. The carb helps 1000%. little vortec headed 355. 6 wins, 2 seconds, a 4th and a 6th. Valve springs going away for the last to races so time for some maintence. Hope to be back to...
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    Tractor tranny fluid in TH350 and Summit Race Mufflers

    Lots of 4x4 use it but don't do it if you live too far north unless you want to wait till your tranny warms up to move.
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    Opinions on EQ heads

    What EQ heads are we talking about?
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    Recommended Idle Speed

    Mine is set a 1300 so it will run.
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    Giving up on headers for now

    On a hobby stock (dirt track car) changing from the required manifolds to headers adds 60hp. That is on a 9 to 1 355 with smog heads and stock intake and 2bbl.
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    Big Block alum heads?

    Do some searches on here, a few guys using them.
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    hyd roller lifters

    I am converting one of last years circle track engines into tow duty in my 84 k10. I have to change the cam so I was going to use my retro fit hyd roller in out of the current 355 (since it is going into circle track duty). The only hitch is the 383 I am putting in has ford lifter bores. Will...
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    Engine run up sequence?

    You want good oil in it to start and maybe even eos. I use brad penn 15 40.

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