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  1. TTR230

    Dealing with Family members with Alcohol Addiction

    You're not wrong here at all.
  2. TTR230

    So, what is the least expensive way to install a 200 r4 in an 81?

    If you can't make it yourself, the part is priceless. Anyone willing to do things like this in their Camaro could stand to pick themselves up a cheap flux core welder, and learn how to use it. It'll pay itself off time and time again.
  3. TTR230

    1979 Camaro Emergency Brake Question

    Haha, I feel like a bit of a jackass right now. I've been chasing a rattle that sounds exactly what I'd expect a loose exhaust clamp would sound like. Is that what you're sounds like? Lol, that's a hell of a thing if that's the case. It's been driving me crazy, and it's so obvious but it never...
  4. TTR230

    When did this Happen….

    It varies, based on various factors, but reliable sources put it at about $4500/person per year. That's an average, because obviously many people don't pay taxes, like children, and share of taxes is commensurate with income, so the number is potentially higher. This number is a simplification...
  5. TTR230

    Housing Prices..hmm

    Who's making judgements? I just said what I see and hear. I don't know how kids do it now. No need to get all dickish. I don't know how they do it, and I don't care
  6. TTR230

    Housing Prices..hmm

    Haha, my neighbor bought his house 15 years ago for around $350,000. He just sold now for close to $1.2. We're in a similar situation, and' It's nice to think that we have that much equity in our house, but of course, that's pretend money since you still have to move somewhere else after you've...
  7. TTR230

    Housing Prices..hmm

    I don't get it either? What an I doing wrong, lol. Kids across the street from me (okay, they're like 30) have average jobs, and clearly don't save, judging by the conspicuous consumption, but just bought the house last year for almost a mil. Credit is easy to get, I guess.
  8. TTR230

    When did this Happen….

    I'd like to "like" this about 20 more times. It's a great idea, but the Canadian system is broken, if it ever really worked. Canada is in the top 5 or 6 for healthcare spending of single-payer healthcare systems, but nearer to the bottom for positive outcomes. Certainly, there are many reasons...
  9. TTR230

    Housing Prices..hmm

    Canada's housing market has been off the rails for a few years now. Untill maybe 2 months ago, house were going for three to four times what they were going for 10 years ago. Agents playing tricks like listing lowball to encourage bidding wars, which they always got. No inspections allowed any...
  10. TTR230

    Does anyone here know this car?

    I'm with you. If I'm selling something online, I do fresh pics at one time, all sides. While this ad is probably legit, and sometimes cars are stored off site without easy access, I always look not only the subject of the pics, but the context. Are they from the same time? Locations? Angles? Are...
  11. TTR230

    Overheating Z-28

    How accurate are the original temp gauges anyway? I'm always running on the cool side, as indicated by the gauge on my '79, regardless of ambient temperature? No a/c, though.
  12. TTR230

    Dealing with Family members with Alcohol Addiction

    It's really too bad your father is such an enabler. I wonder if the stint in physical rehab would have been an opportunity to dry out a bit and experience some clarity.
  13. TTR230

    Hey, that's cool. I've seen a few close to mine, but always missing some of the striping, or...

    Hey, that's cool. I've seen a few close to mine, but always missing some of the striping, or something else. That's a good looking car! I see you're in Pittsburgh. I love going there to watch the pens.
  14. TTR230

    My (BAD) Wilwood Brakes experience

    Take your complaint to the top. Ive had some issues with a couple companies, and couldn't get past "sorry for your trouble" customer service. I determined what the company's email addresses look like, determined who the president was and sent an email. Three times I've had to do this with...
  15. TTR230

    Wiper Issue

    Was thinking the same thing. Does everything move freely otherwise?
  16. TTR230

    1980 TH350 Kickdown cable

    I had an issue with the cable not engaging enough with lever in my Holley carb. The nub in the lever traveled all the way through the elongated eyelet in the end of the cable and reached the end of its travel before ever tugging on the cable enough. I put a small nut and bolt through the eyelet...
  17. TTR230

    Seat I.D Confirmation

    Awesome! Thanks for quick replies!
  18. TTR230

    Seat I.D Confirmation

    That's what I understand. I've never seen the two side by side, except for Internet pics. I need the rails for drivers side, so maybe I'll be lucky. Outside of the rails, are standard buckets similar throughout second generation?
  19. TTR230

    Seat I.D Confirmation

    That's what I was thinking too. They're about 40 mins away, so might go and take a gamble. The rails look right, don't they?
  20. TTR230

    Seat I.D Confirmation

    Found a guy offering these seats. They look second gen to me, but I'd love to confirm. I only really need the seat rails for my '79, but if the rest of them are decent, I'll restore them. Thanks!

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