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  1. carhead22000

    Now I can't even buy catalytic converters from Summit?

    Tiajuana explain yourself better?lol
  2. carhead22000

    Dyno tuned 434 SBC 11:1 AFR 245 Solid Roller

    easy scott i,m not wearing a condom,lol.nice run and sounds wicked!!!
  3. carhead22000

    Olivia Newton John R.I.P.

    who never had a crush on her?i was crazzy in love with her.she was sooo sexxy n kind.R.I.P
  4. carhead22000

    going racing

    just going together with stuff hanging around,get it to track.winter we will build my 496 for it.this is just to get his feet wet.i think it will pull ok for a first time racer.mild 383,268,vortec heads,that little rpm performer.couple carbs hanging round,1050 dominater.3000 stall b&m.i...
  5. carhead22000

    going racing

    few pics progress slow its hottttt.
  6. carhead22000

    The 2 word game

    sucks bad
  7. carhead22000

    Newer Blueprint Crate Motor Consuming Oil

    what ever gets done,sounds like atleast there doing the best they can.hope all goes well.good luck,sounds like your a step closer to happyness.
  8. carhead22000

    Sold all my SBC Bowtie heads

    where did you buy them heads,might be interested in a bbc set
  9. carhead22000

    WTB: 78 Z28 grill and gas door emblem

    phoenix graphics might.
  10. carhead22000


    if the shoe fits?
  11. carhead22000

    going racing

    decided to start him out with my 383 stroker.i,ll have pics.he just went threw it and snapped the heads on last night.hoping to get it to the track for the races the end of summer.theres alot of work,all the local kids are around helping him out.its really a great bunch of guys in racing.he has...
  12. carhead22000


    i agree with you 100%.if your not helping out,why be a richard head.
  13. carhead22000

    The 2 word game

    group sex
  14. carhead22000

    Ordering food in your drag race car

    no reason he cant be there in 30
  15. carhead22000

    When did this Happen….

    smoking and drinking in canada costs way more,lol.also the average joe pays about 30%taxes.its def not free.nor is it perfect.but everyone gets treated the same.wait times can sometime make folks head your way.
  16. carhead22000

    When did this Happen….

    famous last words,if only it was that easy.fact!!every male if they live long enough today will at some point get prostate cancer.
  17. carhead22000

    When did this Happen….

    i know because i have family in the medical field.3 nurses,pharmacist,my brother in law is a doctor.and before they treat you you will never hear do you have insurance.
  18. carhead22000

    When did this Happen….

    i would not,weather your rich or poor in canada everyone gets the same care.