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    Nevada residents might want to read this....
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    Fresh Paint - First Polish / Detail Recommendation

    The system i have been using is 6" rotory buffer with this pad cuts like wool but with out the heat. The best compound i have found for start to finish and clean up is...
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    Many Parts For Sale

    interested in L&R lower door panels- good ones L&R sail panels carpet guard if still avalable shipped to 45784 Thanks
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    WTB- GM Trunk lock cover/ bezel

    72 camaro going to be painted so pits and bad chrome is fine will need good studs. Thanks
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    1972-74 upper door panels gm

    sent you a PM
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    Tamaraz's Parts

    I have found that when they list on Ebay if it says "last one" you will be waiting a while for it - they do not have it in stock. Think they use it for a placemat so they dont have to make a new listing. I have had my fill of them and stopped ording from them.
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    Early vs late doors

    Should be good it is a 72 on the door panel by all my measurements they are the same as later doors. The nut plate area is what i cut out and replaced in the later door. Hope it works the older doors are hard to find in this part of the country.
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    Early vs late doors

    I picked up a 72 car that had a lot of extra parts ( some i am not sure what they was off of). I got 4 doors with the car 2- 72 doors and 2- 7? Later doors. The passenger door was good( red) the driver door not so much but the later door was good. I own a grinder and welder so 72 door latch area...
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    I would ckeck the square of hood opening that will tell you what you need to do. I hook a tape to the back fender lip (pass side) and across the hood opinging to where the cowl and fender meet (driver side) then do the other side. I have found you want to be with in 1/8" for good panel...
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    Ride height

    thanks looks like the Hotchkis springs will do what i want. This might be a good thread to have people list the measurment and what leaf springs they have- we have 3 all ready Fender lip to center of axle Hotchkis- 14-14.5 general spring 80-335- 15- 15.5 Landrum- 13.2
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    Ride height

    G72zed do you have the Hotchkis 1.5 drop springs? 13 to13.5 is a little low for me i want to be in the 14-14.5 range. My 70 has the general springs 80-335 4 leaf stock and runs at 15-15.5. I am looking for the 14-14.5 range- with the general spring a 1" lowering block would work but the correct...
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    Ride height

    Biker- would you happen to know the fender lip to center of axle? i am not sure what size tires i am running yet. The lip to axle would take tire size out of the equation. I am debating on stock springs and use lowering block to set it right where i want it or the 1.5 drop springs. Thanks for...
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    Ride height

    I have seen it before but i can not find it. Would somebody that has the Hotchkis rear springs (1.5 drop) get a measurement from the fender lip to center of axle. Before i order the springs i would like to make sure they are not to much of a drop. Thanks
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    BMR SP057 leaf springs

    Has anybody used BMR SP057 2" drop leaf spring?
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    Wtb TH350 Shift Lever

    Shiftworks sells them not gm but they work used one on my car.
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    NorTrac Dozer reveiw

    This is a classic reveiw i run across in anouther fourm. The link is no good as Northern Tool no longer sells them. A copy of the original reveiw. FREE SHIPPING — NorTrac Bulldozer — 30 HP Overall Rating: 5 / 5 One tough little bulldozer, January 9, 2010 By northernrules from Pennsylvania...
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    Has anybody ever seen this- off by 1 number

    I have to wonder how close to strike time this car was built- it might run sideways down the road!
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    Has anybody ever seen this- off by 1 number

    yes all gone but the rear end.
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    Rear shock relocation kit

    It is not a Detroit speed mini tub kit- it was a fab shop tub ( not me but they did a very good job). I needed shock upper mounts for inside the frame and lower plates that would work with stock rear end. I ordered the Competition Engineering upper bar but sent it back. This was way better...
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    Has anybody ever seen this- off by 1 number

    Yes the title matches the dash vin and has the correct rivets. Probably a good thing this is a nothing special car.

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