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  1. Twisted72

    LS FEST in Bowling green

    I plan on going sat the 9th. It runs 8, 9, 10 any one else going like to meet there ? but damn wish mine was ready
  2. Twisted72

    drag racing parts

    set of upper and lower control arm with spindles (wildwood hubs) 500.00 (w/o hubs 300.00) uppers with spindles 150.00 10 bolt with summer brothers axles (needs gears and such, rear has been cut for the axles with c=clips eliminators)400.00 all need to go to fund some of my build everything is...
  3. Twisted72

    know of a 78 T/A 455

    78 trans am 455 asking 12000.00 taken well care of
  4. Twisted72

    Is it cold in here ?

    must be awful cold on my post or is it just me ?
  5. Twisted72

    few vendors I think you guy's might like

    while at the swap meet this past weekend picked up on a few vendors you guy's might want to look at southern chassis parts to full racing frames Camaro
  6. Twisted72

    Winter has finally got here

    Woke up to 3in of snow:whine: Kids are like :) and fri is suppose to be worse
  7. Twisted72

    what does the LS stand for in LS1 ?

    so I asked google and it sent me to a thread by vet guys and they didn't know so I thought I ask it here
  8. Twisted72

    swap meet in indy looking forward to going Jan 3rd
  9. Twisted72

    found out why to love a ford

    cause they will make you money for your build
  10. Twisted72

    here in New Albany In

    just like to get to know fellow nasty family here in the area I am David and if I can help let me know
  11. Twisted72

    Thank You

    Just wanted to start this (to lazy to see if anyone else has) just a big thank you to Nasty for this site and to all the member's that has made it what it is now. To all those that has poured their heart and soul into their builds and shared it with all the rest. I know that I have gotten a lot...
  12. Twisted72

    HELP rust need replaced

    Anyone have the piece that holds the hinge plate on so I can replace this on, or know where I can get one ?
  13. Twisted72

    help on window flush fit ?

    has or does any one know bout doing away with the window molding front and rear to make the window fit flush ?
  14. Twisted72

    help on window flush fit ?

    has or does any one know bout doing away with the window molding front and rear to make it flush fit ?
  15. Twisted72

    Twisted 72 the start

    HI to all, hope this is the first of many post. just got my 2nd gen last week and the tear down began.. I think I have a plan but going to take it a step at a time and see how the money goes cause the time is all I have the first step is tear down and fix the rot. quarters, trunk pan...

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