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  1. MrAzzhat2U

    Name that car…

    Terry, A friend of mine has a 1911 V2Y2 Peugeot that belongEd to his grandfather who was some big deal in the French Army. They moved to the States after the First World War and had the car shipped here. I think he said it took about six months for it to get here (probably shipped by USPS)...
  2. MrAzzhat2U

    Name that car…

    The car Terry posted looks like a Peugeot judging by the ornament.
  3. MrAzzhat2U

    Hello is this thing on””

    Hi Mike. How’s the O2 business going? You should be about ready to retire soon? It’s not as easy as you would!
  4. MrAzzhat2U

    Hello is this thing on””

    Hey Scott,yes,sold the 99 back in 2018. It was just sitting here waiting to rust away. Actually sold it to one of those “if you ever want to sell it “ people! lol! Really don’t miss either one of them as much as I thought I would. Actually, I don’t miss working on cars at all.😂😂
  5. MrAzzhat2U

    Hello is this thing on””

    Yup,was in PA 10 years ago. Frank and Sue,had the Red 91z,Black 79z and the hugger orange 99z. We went to the Camaro Nationals starting in 2000 until 2017
  6. MrAzzhat2U

    Hello is this thing on””

    Hey BaB,haven’t logged in here for years. Hope all is well with you and your family. Been living in Delaware for 10 years now and life is good. Got rid of all the Camaros and doing crafty things now. Been doing a lot of traveling as of late,just got back from Mardi Gras and had a great time!
  7. MrAzzhat2U

    Is this factory?

    It's not factory,but there use to be a place near Wilkes-Barre Pa that made them for "Carny" people. They would buy Penndot trucks and add the body they made. They would get alot of the bodies from DeNaples junkyard.
  8. MrAzzhat2U

    Rubber marks on roof of car

    Todd,believe it or not,two things that work well to remove black marks from paint are cooking oil or WD-40. Spread a small amount of cooking oil on the mark and let it sit for a few minutes,then wash off with Dawn dishwashing detergent. Or try spraying WD-40 on a soft cloth and rub,should come off.
  9. MrAzzhat2U

    Don't buy a dodge

    Imagine what one of those would cost on a Viper!
  10. MrAzzhat2U

    Can anybody identify this?

    If it is a 305 HO "G" motor,there was a recall for carb boiling from 84 to 86.It had a sensor there to turn on an"afterblow" fan to cool of the fuel in the carb bowl. It would also have a fan with a plastic duct going from the inner fender to the carb. I probably installed a few hundred of them.
  11. MrAzzhat2U

    New Years is a time for reflection

    This ^^^^^^ It's very easy to filter out the BS. If you don't like it then you don't have to keep it on your feed,simple as that. As a Vietnam veteran,I belong to a few "Closed" groups as a way of staying in touch with my brothers from another mother and for updates on reunions and the like...
  12. MrAzzhat2U

    Going on a cruise

    You can text me @ 570-352-7553
  13. MrAzzhat2U

    Going on a cruise

    Finally got to Orlando I m sure we can catch up onboard
  14. MrAzzhat2U

    Going on a cruise

    We are on 10259 right past the elevators. Lido deck,that way its a short stumble back to the cabin.
  15. MrAzzhat2U

    Going on a cruise

    We are staying at the Quality Inn at the airport,if we ever get out of here
  16. MrAzzhat2U

    Going on a cruise

    I guess somebody’s phone exploded at the gate we are supposed to pull in to.The departing plane is still in the gate. Now they are saying we should board about 9 30
  17. MrAzzhat2U

    Going on a cruise

    Yes,flight to Florida is delayed.Sitting at the airport waiting to board. Some kind of a security breach at the airport in Orlando
  18. MrAzzhat2U

    Recent Predatory Auto Repair Experiences

    It would have to be in paper form,the FCC wouldn't allow an audiobook.That would be like going to an "X-rated" comedy show! It's one of the only businesses that you have to invest thousands of dollars for tools and equipment to make $20/hr for a small slice of the pie. I for one,don't miss it...
  19. MrAzzhat2U

    2017 Camaro Nationals 6-Months Away

    I'm trying to make plans for the Nats.Who all is going? If Sue can get the time off,we will be there Sat.If not,I'll be there Friday. At least that's the plan for now.
  20. MrAzzhat2U

    I miss Sal...

    Sal is doing OK. His heart is broken and he will need time to heal. I'm sure he is lurking on this site. He and his family do appreciate all the well wishes from the group.