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  1. Toadman2230

    1974-77 front spoiler replacement instructions.

    I did exactly that too. Watch out for curbs and parking blocks!
  2. Toadman2230

    Anyone paint the fake stitching on the dash?

    It's been a few years since I had it done, but I want to say for both the dash and center console was around $350.
  3. Toadman2230

    Anyone paint the fake stitching on the dash?

    I HATE faux stitching. I had an upholstery shop cover my dash pad and console with matching vinyl and do French stitching in gray. It wasn't too expensive. I want to do something with the door panels next.
  4. Toadman2230

    I have a new problem - wiper motor won't work....HELP!

    Did you ever solve this? I'm currently having the same issue and don't know where to begin. Gotta have wipers to pass Travis county Texas inspection...
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  10. Toadman2230

    SSBC Force 10 Front calipers and Pads, '80 T/A Rear Disc Setup

    SSBC Force 10 D52 replacement aluminum front calipers, dual 38mm pistons, 2 new sets of pads, worked 100% when I had these on my '77 Camaro 2 years ago. Got some brake fluid on one of the calipers, and it ate through the paint, needs repainted. Missing 1 brake hose fitting. Should be easy...
  11. Toadman2230

    6th Gen Camaro rendering

    Love it!!
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    FS: Pair of Edelbrock IAS rear shocks, used only two summers! $50

    A pair of used Edelbrock IAS rear shocks. Came off of my '77 Camaro after only 2 summers of only weekend driving. I switched to a 4-link and coil-overs. A little black spray paint overspray on the end of one shock. Can't see it once they're on the car. $50.00 shipped to the lower 48...
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    Any big bumpers?????

    Couple pics of mine. Should be easy enough to photoshop.
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    Pro Touring Camaros

    Another big bumper representing!
  15. Toadman2230

    Best View

    Coming into first corner at Autobahn. NOT at speed! Wish I could have got a shot of me IN FRONT of Mary Pozzi! Not likely!
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    Hotchkis 3-link

    I WANT one of these, BAD!! April????? Grrrrrrrrrrrrr
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    Guitar Players show us

    Family photo from a few years ago. A lot of them have been sold/traded for others! :crazy:
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    Disc brake help. In over my head

    '77 Camaro, '81 Trans Am rear disc brakes (master cylinder, combination valve, and calipers), SSBC Force 10 front calipers, SSBC adjustable proportioning valve. Everything worked great (didn't have the adjustable proportioning valve yet) for several years until I had a shop do an LS1 swap...