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  1. 79RedZ

    Makita, Dewalt or Milwaukee

    So I have some home remodeling coming up, that I will be doing. Currently I have some Craftsman cordless tools that I have had for 8-10 years but the batteries are having issues with keeping a good charge. I figure now is a good time to upgrade with the amount of work that will be getting done...
  2. 79RedZ

    WTB- Shifter arms

    Looking for a set of hurst shifter arms for a super T-10.
  3. 79RedZ

    If you love the T/A's

    I would love to go to this auction just to see what is there.
  4. 79RedZ

    Polk audio speakers

    I thought at one point I might use these out in my barn but I’m not going to anymore. Can’t tell you much about them, got them from a brother in law and the sticker fell off the back so I have no idea what they are. If you want them, just pay the shipping and they are yours.
  5. 79RedZ

    Craigslist scams

    So I have some parts on Craigslist and I have someone that is asking about them. They sent me a 6 digit code to verify that I’m not a scammer and then I have to text them back with the code they sent me. My spidey sense is tingling and this doesn’t feel right. Anybody else dealt with this kind...
  6. 79RedZ

    Thread titles

    Can I edit a thread title or is that something a mod needs to do for me?
  7. 79RedZ

    Derale oil cooler

    I have a Derale engine oil cooler for sale. Never been mounted. $100. Buyer pays the shipping.
  8. 79RedZ

    What is this?

    So I parted out a 79 Berlinetta a few years back. I found these sandwiched, between the door panel and the door, on the bottom. Is this factory? Custom made? What would be the purpose, moisture protection? I’ve torn into a bunch of camaro’s but don’t recall seeing these before.
  9. 79RedZ

    Hurst t-top parts

    Can anyone make use of some parts of of this t-top. I only have this one. The glass is cracked but it looks like the handles come off. If not, it’s going into my trash which gets picked up on Tuesday. These are freebies. Joel
  10. 79RedZ

    Need help identifying a shifter.

    Picked this up at an estate sale. Not sure what I’ve got here other than the 3138 equates to camaro? Any help would be appreciated.
  11. 79RedZ

    Wait? What? You want you how much for that oil filter?

    Hmmm!? Not sure what to think about this one.
  12. 79RedZ

    Wheel dollies

    Does anyone have experience with the wheel dollies from Harbor Freight? Looking at these.
  13. 79RedZ

    PSA for shingles.

    If you are 50 and older, talk to your doctor and get the shingles vaccine. I know the vaccine isn’t 100% effective but cutting your chances down is well worth it. Anybody else on here, ever suffer from this malady? I woke up New Years morning with this crap. It’s on my right waistline, which...
  14. 79RedZ

    It’s a lazy kind of day.

    Crap weather here. Our 14 year old Weimaraner/german short hair mix is definitely in relax mode.
  15. 79RedZ

    Crank is shot, thoughts?

    Wondering if anyone else has had this issue. Crank is a Scat 9000. Engine was running fine when I pulled it out. Pulled it out because I had developed a really bad oil pan leak and had decided to put a better pan on it. The cam, pistons, rods and rod bearings look good but obviously the crank is...
  16. 79RedZ

    Some parts

    78-81 Z-28 fenders, $150 each 78-81 Z-28 fender extensions, $50 each 80-81 fender vents, $50 each 78-81 nose support, $40 78-79 upper grill, good mounting points, $50 78-81 tail lights, nice shape. Typical cracking in the white lens. $125 for the set. 70-74 rear window, $50 75 trans am...
  17. 79RedZ

    Are you kidding me......

    $12,000 for this heap?
  18. 79RedZ

    Going to need some new light bulbs....

    Had to stop and get some gas last night and this what I see.
  19. 79RedZ

    Glovebox door sticker

    Has anyone seen a sticker like this before? What years would have this sticker? I’ve never seen anything like it.
  20. 79RedZ

    Buick G-body

    Anybody on here ever get into parting out these cars? I have a chance to buy an 81. It’s a 2 door regal. No motor, no transmission. Looks like someone was trying to turn it into a street/strip car. It has B/M mega shifter. Also has grand national rims on it. Front fenders look to be in good...