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    73/77 Chevy truck mech oil gauge install.

    Not exact, but close enough for stock appearing and not visually out of check. Now just need an adapter m-2an? to m-4an, or ditch -4 line and use the plastic tube
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    Tremec Magnum T56, To Gen 1 SBC Bellhousing Options

    Looking at Quick Draw ($600), and Quick Time RM-6023 ($900), American Powertrain APGM-10001G Or 2G Or BHCV-10010 ($450/600)A/C Delco 89059423. For a 450+hp gen 1 sbc 383, Will a T.O. bearing retainer/sleeve still be needed for bellhousing only option. Or get the adapter plate and bellhousing
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    Body lines

    Been working on door alignment
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    Good all around timing & afr table?

    I have a Sniper TBI & dist. on a sbc 383, 9.4 comp, [email protected], 530 lift, .373 rear, m21/cr, for street use. Timing & AFR can be infinitely programmed per rpm, map/kpa On my 2nd tune still have loss of pull at any type of stomp throttle situation, like a low pump shot, but that has been increased...
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    headlight flashing

    I have a 76/77 firebird steering column in a 73 Camaro, I like the high beam switch at the column. I'm trying to figure out how to make them activate/flash when headlights are off. Is there a way to trigger a relay to do this? Only problem is the columns aren't like modern cars that have a...
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    whistle at idle

    Well my new found quiet exhaust (awesome), Revealed a whistling noise under the hood. Turned out to be a whistling head gasket at the front #2 cylinder. No water/oil mixing, Synched down the head bolts, started still whistles! Tempted to put some sealant to stop the vacuum leak?
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    Oil pan leak

    Finally jacked up and found the leak, that I thought was a drain plug. But turns out to be a bad weld
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    DCC fan controller FK45 install

    Idling in garage once temp reached 185/90, didn't hear fans yet! Then verified they were indeed spinning. Let idle for 20+ min temp stayed 185/90 yet fans are very quiet compared to running relays and the forgettable switch, Nice!
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    SBC 383 balancer

    So what's a good balancer to use for a 383 sbc ? I have a fluidampr that's seen a lot of use, but read/heard they go bad.
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    Roof mounted seat belt retainers.

    Any interest ? Prefer local pick-up, but will ship.
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    Camshaft suggestions

    The dreaded head spinning of picking the perfect cam. What I got. 350 4blt, 638 roller cam block, .030, 0 decked 3.75 crank, 5.7 rods, D cup pistons + 18.00 cc 180cc / 67cc heads rpm intake 4brl carb headers, 2.5 dual full length exhaust M21 4spd, 3.73 posi, But I want to cam it for a...
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    We stopped allowing political posts over a year ago.

    Tell that to my mother. thanks ;)
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    383 1 prm and flywheel

    So Scat says to run a neutral balanced flywheel & balancer with the 3.750 crank that is for 5.7 rods, which I have already including balancer. This is a + for the budget. But the only neutral balanced flywheels I find are $280+ a little steep. And the 3.750 crank for use with 6.0 rods...
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    appears to have firebird quarters
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    Vintage auto racing

    Vara, big bore bash willowsprings raceway. Sun 7th
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    So what makes the LT1 have reverse cooling. The water pump ?
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    brake booster rod length

    So anybody know the correct length of the 79-81 Trans Am brake booster pushrod ?
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    only 6k+ 73, 4spd z28's made

    you would they would fetch more dollars (Mecum)
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    62cc vs 64cc heads

    how much of a compression difference is there between the 2? lets say i got 11-1 with 64cc heads.
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    2 Door Coupe Muscle Cars!

    Who made the most 2 door coupe muscle cars? GM, Ford, Dodge. Do, Not, include imports