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  1. 74z28TypeLT

    Z21 Option with Type LT

    Hello, I think I already know the answer to this, but was the Z21 (style Trim Group) option standard on the Type LT? The literature I've seen doesn't mention it, so I assume no, but the Type LT had many of the features within Z21 as standard already. Wanted to get some other opinions or...
  2. 74z28TypeLT

    Original part numbers for '74 Z28 points and condenser?

    Hello, Does anyone know the original part numbers for a '74 Z28 set of points and condenser? Thanks.
  3. 74z28TypeLT

    '74 Z28 points and condenser part numbers?

    Hello, Does anyone know the original part numbers for a '74 Z28 set of points and condensers?
  4. 74z28TypeLT

    Z28 Far Rear Exhaust Hangers?

    Hello, one thing I never completed on my Z28 resto were the very rear exhaust hangers. I looked into it years ago, then kind of forgot about it, but now want to visit it. Anyway, at the very rear of the exhaust, there is a welded on bracket which appears to have been for attaching an exhaust...
  5. 74z28TypeLT

    A/C Receiver / Dryer Help

    Hello, I could use some advice in replacing my A/C receiver/dryer. VERY long story short, I restored my '74, A/C system was completely dead, sent everything to classic auto air, had it converted to R134A using as many original parts as possible. It worked okay, but compressor always leaked...
  6. 74z28TypeLT

    Z28 Air Cleaner filter Decal

    I currently have a repro "DY" air cleaner decal, as that's all that was available for my Z a few years ago. I believe the current one should read "CU." Is that correct? Does anyone know if they are reproducing the correct one yet? I haven't found any. Thanks again!
  7. 74z28TypeLT

    Rear Exhaust Hangers

    I'm still working minor details on my '74 Z28 Type LT resto. One thing I never finalized was the rear exhaust hangers. These are the ones almost toward the end of the pipes at the very rear of the car, not the ones used for the mufflers. I have the original bracket and rubber bushing, but...
  8. 74z28TypeLT

    1970-1974 Z-28 Front Shocks

    Hello, I bought a set of the repro spiral shocks and put them on my '74 Z28 a couple of years ago. Although they look nice, their performance is garbage and they didn't appear to have quite enough travel on them when I installed them. It's to the point where I don't feel like I have any...
  9. 74z28TypeLT

    Specific Font Type on lue door VIN decal

    Does anyone know the exact font type for the blue sticker with the VIN on it inside the door for a '74? I hear "IBM 2" a lot, but this isn't a specific font type. I know it was an IBM type that was used, but don't know the font. Any help is appreciated; my original was removed by a non...
  10. 74z28TypeLT

    1974 Z28 Aluminum Extension for lower control arm bumper

    Did ALL 1974 Z28's have the aluminum block extension that went under the lower control arm bumper, or was that only previous years? Thanks.
  11. 74z28TypeLT

    74 Z28 4-speed gear grinding issues

    I have a '74 Z-28 with an M-20, all stock. The other day, I went to put it in reverse to back into a parking space, and it had a lot of trouble getting into gear, with much grinding and a funny noise when I push the clutch in. I did go in gear, but it was noisy. The same thing happened to a...
  12. 74z28TypeLT

    Idle Stop Solenoid

    I have a 74 Z/28 Type LT with 4-speed and A/C. My idle stop solenoid is on all the time, but I don't think that's the way it's supposed to operate as it will always override the curb idle and bump up the RPMs when it is active. I've received a lot of mis-information on this, as 1/2 of the...
  13. 74z28TypeLT

    Z28 Valve Cover Wiring Harness Clips

    I know this has been brought up a few times in the past, but is anyone reproducing these clips, part #336402, that attach the wiring harness to the Z28 valve covers (Corvette, too)?
  14. 74z28TypeLT

    '74 Electrical gremlin

    I'm chasing down a minor electrical problem on my '74 Z28. The problem is that the idle control solenoid that goes on the front driver's side of the carb is always on. This has a tan wire coming out of the solenoid. My car has factory A/C. I believe that this solenoid should only be going on...
  15. 74z28TypeLT

    1974 Power Window Problems

    I have a 74 Camaro with power windows. The original switch failed, so I bought a new repro one, took the guts out or the repro, and put it into the original chrome external swtich, as the "curved" outer switch wasn't reproduced at the time. The problem I've had recently is that the contact...
  16. 74z28TypeLT

    Carb Parts Request?

    Does anyone know where I can get the two parts labeled with the red arrows below, the Idle Solenoid bracket screw and the main throttle lever for my Rochester Quadrajet "09" part number (4-spd carb)? My carb was rebuilt 3 times from a shell and no one knows how to do anything correctly...
  17. 74z28TypeLT

    Mucnie M20 Side Cover Detent Setup Question

    My TCS sensor on my Muncie M20 side cover (1974 Z28) ended up with some stripped threads, so I got a new side cover and tried to install it myself. I thought I followed all the directions properly, and put it all back together and took it for a test drive. Well, Now 1st gear is down/left, 2nd...
  18. 74z28TypeLT

    roof rail drip moldings

    Guys, I have a 74 Z28/Type LT. When I bought the car, it had the bright exterior trim around the tops of the doors, tops of the fenders, and thru to the edge of the hood (by the windshield), which I think was only available with the Style Trim group option. It also has the parking light accent...
  19. 74z28TypeLT

    Rough-Running 74 Z28

    I'm about 95% finished the resto of my 74 Z28. Started the engine up for the first time in 9 years just last week. Engine is 100% stock with a .030 overbore. Engine runs terribly. Feels like it's running on 6 cylinders. Plugs #5 and #6 appear to not have seen any combustion, while the other...
  20. 74z28TypeLT

    Any ideas on these gauge/wiring problems?

    I just hooked the battery up to my 74 Z28 resto project for the first time in 9 years. Well, it didn't blow up at least, but the parking lights and tail lights are always on when the light switch is off. So are the turn-signal lights, but they do not blink. If I turn the headlight switch to...