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  1. Revin

    Stock motor mount vs LS Swap

    I got the LSX swap brackets that were suppose to go with the stock clamshell mounts. The adapter bracket mounted to block then upper clam mounted to it at the very first hole of the 3 for mounting. Seems to be at the correct spot from firewall there. BUT... I get this offset. Engine looks...
  2. Revin

    Molding over the door

    So I converted the top from very rusty Hurst TTops to a regular roof. Is there some headliner molding that goes over the door? To the right in the pic, sorta. And do I need a filler piece there as well? What is the name, can't find it. Thx
  3. Revin

    Need new terminals

    Sorry if beating the horse here, Where is a good place to buy these terminals ? They seem to be in most connectors and fuse box. thanks!!
  4. Revin

    Painting question

    Just put couple of coats of paint. I have a couple of runs and the finish is rough like overspray on paint. I want to knock down some of the crap that I created. If i wipe my hand over it I get paint dust on my hand<<<normal? Sounds like I missed the time frame to put on clear(24hr). I painted...
  5. Revin

    Filler bleed

    Beginner painter/ Intermediate bodyman guy as a starting point. Actually 1st paint job by me! (Hopefully) Whole hood was bare. I did some filling work with Eastwood contour. Then went to spray EW Epoxy Primer all over the place. Suck job.! Lots more sanding now.*%$##. I understand this was...
  6. Revin

    4L80E shifter options

    I know about shifterworks conversions. Not sure I like the look. What 6 sp. Shifter have you used? I am thinking a caddy cable controlled shifter . The 2013 camaro shifter has a arm that says to me cut up tunnel...not doing that The cable is the route I think I want
  7. Revin

    Gather up your own dod/vvt delete kit?

    So I am looking at a l99. have any of you made up your own kit for this? Like can I buy comp cam lifters arp bolts and whatever else I need? mix of vendors? What have you done? What NEEDS to be done? Texas Performance has a new cam out for the vvt delete..... New and just getting my info straight.
  8. Revin

    My low cost LED Brake lights

    I want to have bright LED tail lights on my 73 Camaro. Problem is I'm cheap. So I came up with this way of making my tail lights on the cheap. Disclaimer: The images seen in these pictures are mock-up units not the final product. Please disregard all scratches, broken plastic, chip paint or...
  9. Revin

    WTB your old, broken, no good LG. rear spoiler

    Got an old, broken, bad, no mounting studs, or damaged, paint sucks, ex girlfriend bashed it with a bat, bird pooped on it, whatever. Large rear spoiler for the 70-80 camaro??? Don't throw away! I have a project I would like to try, but need a spoiler I can cut up. Just the center section. If...
  10. Revin

    WTB BROKEN 70-73 taillight bucket

    Yes I said broken. I have a project to check out, but I will need to cut up the buckets. SO........... I am looking for tabs that broke off, cracked buckets, dis colored, you get the idea. These have to still fit the spot they go in. Cheaper the better! let me know if you have one kicking...
  11. Revin

    Differance between the lower nose of a RS and a Standard front end?

    I heard they ARE different but could someone explain where they are different? Like I want to get a spoiler but it is for an RS. pics if possible! Thank you
  12. Revin

    Titty Tuesday sliding into Wet Wed.

  13. Revin

    did I miss Booby tuesday?

    The day is almost over. Did I miss the thread?:whine: Guess I will have to look at the puppy thread AGAIN.......:rolleyes:
  14. Revin

    What auto trans will fit behind a LS3?

    So I am going the LS3 with automatic route. Almost pulled the trigger last night till I read about the 6L80 that comes mated to the ls3 is a rough fit for the 2nd gen. Yes a hammer beating sounds fun but the low ground clearance scares me off. SO....... Besides the 6L80 what should fit? I am...
  15. Revin

    Made my own taillight harness

    Needed a break from body work. So I made the smallest and easiest harness. just to show how easy it is with little skill needed. hang on pics coming.. Having issues downloading
  16. Revin

    Good design software Question

    1st Sorry if this is in wrong section. I see them on TV designing and customizing their cars with paint, wheels, and adding spoilers or flairs. yes i know tirerack has the wheels part. Does anyone know of a good free one or where to buy for windows ? Thank You
  17. Revin

    CCP Rear Disc Brake issues

    I got a CCP rear disc brake conversion for the 73. Man the calipers are rubbing the (15" Weld Wheels) rim. Anyone else have this issue? I thought they would fit a 15" rim? I bought a 1/2" spacer but looks like it still rubs.. Pics will come later.....
  18. Revin

    LS7 install?

    Can I fit an LS7 into my 73? Issues? I could not find any threads about it. Thx
  19. Revin

    Wheel Guys needed

    Not sure what I have. I say 17 x 8 ,bs 5.5" but can you tell what the bolt spacing is? I was told 5x100 Nice set of Centerline Champ 500
  20. Revin

    Has anyone used an updated fuse box?

    Besides buying a whole new harness....... Has anyone used a newer style fuse box with the blade fuses and not the glass fuses? I am going to rewire the whole car and might as well start with new box. Anyone know of a place that sells them? Thx