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  1. Skraynak

    Driver side remote mirror - Rebuild?

    So the remote control for the Driver side mirror is broken off, is there a way to rebuild the control or do you have to order the whole mirror assembly (below)? Also if I ordered the assembly is there way to use the painted exterior mirror housing? I dont know if I can find the paint to repaint...
  2. Skraynak

    Fire extinguisher set up

    If you have a fire extinguisher for your car where do you mount it? Looking to get something that looks good. Anyone go with this?
  3. Skraynak

    Seat belt replacement for 73

    Can anyone help me find a seat belt replacement for the front seat female side of seat belt. I have the belt just not the guts. I also tried a vendor that sent me the guts but the didn't work. Very frustrated to try to find something that works thanks.
  4. Skraynak


    Hello new to forum and new Gen 2 owner. I live in the Roswell area,