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  1. Adams

    1970 L34 Fan Shroud Value

    If you know someone that has a true #1 concourse, matching numbers '70 L-78 for $60,000, please send me a note.
  2. Adams

    How to Clean a steering wheel

    As mentioned before the dishwasher works! I have several of these wheels and they all got oily. I tried multiple remedies mentioned on this site, none worked well. Then I tried the dishwasher. Ran them through the long cycle twice with two soap pods each time. Worked great. Been 4 or more years...
  3. Adams

    Cut and Buff paint - Houston/Cypress area

    Lets have a club meeting some time.
  4. Adams

    Cut and Buff paint - Houston/Cypress area

    Appreciate the heads up. Looks like they favor fords and mustangs. First sign something is wrong :)
  5. Adams

    tire scrubbing issue

    I have 245/60-15 BFG on my Z28 with stock 15"-7" wheels 1-1/2" drop springs and it does not rub at all lock to lock. I have 245/60-15 BFG on my SS BBC with 15" Z 5-spoke wheels and 1" drop springs. It does not rub at all. If you are only rubbing on one side I would put money on the alignment...
  6. Adams

    Can't account for this part of harness

    1971 Z28 MT with console. I think this off-shoot of the under dash harness goes to the console but I am not sure what it plugs into? I looked on all of the various wiring diagrams and don't see any plug with these color wires? Can someone post a diagram that shows what it goes to? Thanks
  7. Adams

    Windshield Eyebrows - what do they really do?

    I am installing a new windshield and when I put the eyebrows on I had a hard time to understand what they physically do? I read somewhere that they are supposed to keep water out to avoid rusting up underneath the corner of glass at the dash panel. But they don't sit tight enough on the glass to...
  8. Adams

    What is the Purpose of this Part?

    I just installed my windshield with repops from OER. The rubber on the stops was a little too thick. The windshield sat too high on the top edge and it would have made it tough to get the molding to sit correctly. I had to take about 1/8" rubber off the stops. My originals had the coating burned...
  9. Adams

    Stripped Motor Mount bolt hole

    I have a nut-sert tool and use it all the time. Love it! However for this application I would drill it and tap it. With the vibration it will see I am not positive that a nut-sert is the right solution.
  10. Adams

    Dash pad FWIW

    No it is not. I just put a NPD pad in and have a list of issues. The extra reinforcement is nice but nothing else. No stud on far left side of pad like my OEM. On right side the shape is not correct on the lower section that runs along the plastic trim. When you pull it together with the screws...
  11. Adams

    Help with some dash wiring

    I will look into this. Might be a good call. The back of the tach is on the circuit board but I am not sure how the signal gets to the harness plug on the back of the cluster housing.
  12. Adams

    Help with some dash wiring

    Two questions on my 71 Z: 1. This short brown wire (pic attached) off the harness from the fuse box, Brown usually means a light but I don't have any missing light connections that I know of? I already have a light brown wire that goes to the e-brake switch. 2. Don't seem to have a wire to the...
  13. Adams

    Just joined! Plan to restore my highschool Z28 in hibernation for 24 years

    I would check with F-Body Warehouse (on this site). Owner has changed since I previously bought OEM parts from them but what I got was in very good shape and way better than repop stuff. If you do have to go with aftermarket I strongly recommend AMD parts. A lot of people seem to like Goodmark...
  14. Adams

    Repop Instrument Cluster Case

    All the OER stuff fits together nicely (housing, circuit board, bulb sockets, lens) and the gauges sit in perfectly. The only problem I had was that when I went to put the original bezel it did not fit correctly on the OER lens. I test fit my original lens and it did not sit correct on the...
  15. Adams

    Repop Parts Review 0009 - Blow-Out Clip (1970-81)

    I agree the Classic HQ ones are really nice, just like every thing they make. I just drilled out the old rivets and put on the new pieces with small pop rivets, super easy.
  16. Adams

    Best fitting door seals?

    Wish I had a picture, maybe can add later this week. I just put new Soft Seal on a 71 along the roof rail and drops along the pillar at the back of the window. The seal comes up about an inch (right) and inch and a half (left) short on where the hole in the seal pins to the body at the top of...
  17. Adams

    72 ss cooling fan

    I believe you are correct. I have a 70 SS 396 L34 car with manual transmission and no a/c. It does not have a clutch fan. It has a 4 blade fan. My 71 Z28 4spd, of course no a/c, has a clutch fan.
  18. Adams

    1970 Z/28 Original Shifter Location

    I am not sure if the plate is your only problem, even if it is wrong? Maybe it is though? Are your motor mounts correct? Do you have the correct shifter handle? Maybe the whole motor and trans are sitting an inch forward. I will take a pic of my shifter tonight as well and shoot it to you. Mine...
  19. Adams

    SSBC Brake Rant - No Customer Service

    Unless you are Mr. Brake and know everything about all brake configurations I would recommend anyone except SSBC for brakes. Since they have become "SSBC US" they have no concept of service support. 1. Last week, easy question for their tech line... I had picked up a tool from O'Reilly but none...
  20. Adams

    Seat belt receiver flew apart

    Sorry I thought I had one of almost everything, but I don't have one that looks like that.