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  1. HyPer

    New in box M4891 and 12-803

    Hey guys, I got this Carter pump and Holley regulator for my Z28 LT1 engine a good while back, but they were never installed. I went to install them and the pump wouldn't fit without hitting the crossmember, this was totally my fault, as I'm using solid low profile motor mounts that are offset...
  2. HyPer

    Local Find: '74 Camaro

    The car's odo has rolled over atleast once, owner says it has the original 350 with Qjet with th350 trans, but he mentioned that someone put a chrome timing cover on it at one point in time, but he doesn't know if they actually changed any internals. I talked to him on the fone, so I didn't get...
  3. HyPer

    1970 RS - $2500 - Florence, MS

    Non-RS nose:
  4. HyPer

    Headlights getting severe voltage drop?

    If your headlights are getting severe voltage drop, please reply to this thread. The way to test for severe voltage drop is to first measure the voltage at your battery with all accessories turned off. Now turn headlights on, unplug both headlights, measure the voltage across the terminals...
  5. HyPer

    WTB: 15x7 Rally Wheels or Keystone Turbines(or similar)

    They don't have to be perfect, but the pitting must be minimal enough to easily conceal when prepped and painted. Rallys must come with trim rings and center caps(insignia on cap doesn't matter; would prefer derby cap style). Turbines must come with snug fitting center caps(hard as hell to...
  6. HyPer

    Fuel Gauge circuit issue

    Well, if it's not one thing, it's the fueling issue straight and now my fuel gauge drops to empty when I press brake pedal enough to trigger brake light switch(usually ~1/2"), then returns to normal when I release brake. Also my hazards seem to be stuck on and if I fiddle fart...
  7. HyPer

    Hub bore spacing

    Hi, I need to know if these specific wheels will fit the front and rear of my 73. A guy has a set I can get for pretty cheap and I can use 1 wheel per car as a spare. They're from a 4x4 s10 blazer, he said bolt pattern was 5x4.75 like our camaros, but he didn't know if the hub bore spacing was...
  8. HyPer

    Correct psi/volume for specific carbs.

    Hey guys, I've got a sneaking suspicion that I may have not put a big enough fuel pump on my 73. I even ordered the Carter model that was for the '70 z28(which was the highest powered lt1 built). But after doing some research, I couldn't find very reliable info on the pump's specs, so I had it...